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How to tear the plaster without pain tips it's a very painful thing to tear the plaster. I believe many people have felt it. If you don't have certain skills, it will hurt. Then, how can you tear the plaster without pain? Let's take a look at all the tips below.

Sticking plaster has a good effect on treating some diseases. Sticking plaster is simple, but it's not easy to tear the plaster off the skin. Many people are crying in pain when tearing the plaster. So, how to tear the plaster without pain? What's the trick?

1. Shave before plastering

When sticking the plaster, you should shave off the hair or try to avoid the place with more hair, otherwise, it will not stick, and the second is that it will cause pain when tearing the hair. When shaving hair, the range should be slightly larger than that of plaster application. Gently shave the hair to avoid damaging the skin.

2. Tear along the hair

If your hair is longer, press and hold the root of the hair when tearing, so that it won't hurt to tear along the hair, or sacrifice a little hair and cut off some.

3. Use baby oil

Dip the baby oil with a clean cotton stick. Just rub it gently on the part where the plaster contacts the skin, so that the plaster will fall off easily, and it will fall off very clean without any trace. So why is the effect of this method very good? The reason is that there are many holes in the plaster itself. The function of baby oil is to create a certain space between the skin and the plaster, so that the adhesive force is much less. But we need to remind the majority of users that if there is no baby oil, you can choose to use other oils, but not salad oil, because salad oil is not good for people's health.

4. Lotion

Before tearing, put some moisturizing lotion on the plaster, wipe it up more, and do something else. After 20 minutes, when the lotion is soaked in the plaster, it can be easily torn off.

5. Aeolian essence

The spirit of wind and oil is an absolutely useful secret weapon. Apply it to the joint of plaster and skin, tear it a little bit, and you won't feel pain.

6. Hot towel

When tearing the plaster, apply it with a hot towel first, and it won't hurt. Soak it for a while, or cover it with a hot towel and tear it later. Or apply some oil. Tear it slowly.

7. Sports sweating

To tear the plaster before exercise, so that their own sweating, sweating after the plaster is easier to tear.

8. Don't post too long

Many people stick it for two or three days. In fact, if the tolerance to stimulation is poor, the plaster will be removed in 4-6 hours. This is because, after this period of time, the skin has absorbed part of the effective ingredients of the plaster. If it is not removed, itching, rash and other symptoms will appear.

The above introduces the methods of tearing the plaster. People who are afraid of pain can try these methods when tearing the plaster, so that they won't cry.