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Compare the depth of Xiaomi 6x and Hongmi 6pro to evaluate which Xiaomi 6x and Hongmi 6pro are more

Sihainet: Recently, Xiaomi company has been listed successfully. In the past six months, Xiaomi has released a lot of new machines of thousand yuan level, but the difference between these new machines is not obvious. Let's take a look at Xiaomi 6x and Hongmi 6 Pro, which is worth buying? Which is better, Xiaomi 6x or Hongmi 6 Pro~

In terms of price, Hongmi 6 Pro is relatively cheap. It offers three versions of 3 + 32g, 4 + 32GB and 4 + 64GB. The prices are 999 yuan, 1199 yuan and 1299 yuan respectively. There are more versions of Xiaomi 6x, including 3 + 64GB, 4 + 64GB, 6 + 64GB and 6 + 128GB. The prices are 1399 yuan, 1599 yuan, 1799 yuan and 1999 yuan respectively. In addition, a limited edition of Xiaomi 6x first sound in the future was recently released, with a price of 2099 yuan.

Compared with Xiaomi 6x, Hongmi 6 Pro has a lower positioning and lower memory version. Taking the 4 + 64GB version as an example, the price of red rice 6 Pro is 1299 yuan, that of Xiaomi 6x is 1599 yuan, and the difference is 300 yuan. But if compared with the cheap version, the difference is 400 yuan.

In terms of appearance, on the front of the fuselage, the red rice 6 Pro adopts the 19:9 full screen design of bangs popular this year, while the Xiaomi 6x is 18:9 full screen design, the former is bangs, and the latter is non bangs. The black edge of Xiaomi 6x screen is better than that of Hongmi 6 Pro. On the back of the fuselage, red rice 6 Pro and Xiaomi 6x are all rear vertical dual camera, middle fingerprint and bottom logo design schemes. The difference is that the back of the Hongmi 6 Pro is a three-stage design with obvious antenna lines, and the upper and lower parts of the three-stage design are made of plastic material, which seems cheap nowadays. The back of Xiaomi 6x adopts a more popular concealed U-shaped antenna design, the back is almost a whole piece of metal, CNC cutting antenna technology, which is more beautiful in vision. Because there is no plastic involved, the back will not have an obvious sense of cheapness.

In terms of screen, red rice 6 Pro has a screen with bangs on the front, while Xiaomi 6x has a full screen of 18:9, with different shapes. In other aspects, the Xiaomi 6x screen is larger than the Hongmi 6 Pro, but the resolution is 1080p Full HD level, the contrast is 1500:1, and all are domestic LCD screen panels. Therefore, Hongmi 6 Pro and Xiaomi 6 are mainly subtle differences in screen shape and size. The picture quality is the same, and the overall difference is not big.

In terms of performance, Hongmi 6 Pro is equipped with Xiaolong 625 eight core processor. This SOC is last year's thousand yuan machine God u, which has been replaced by Xiaolong 636 this year and is in the stage of inventory clearing. Xiaomi 6x is equipped with Xiaolong 660 AIE eight core processor. This year's main core is the high configuration version of Xiaolong 636. Obviously, from the perspective of CPU positioning, Xiaolong 660 AIE is two grades higher than Xiaolong 625, with obvious performance advantages.

From the running score of Angora rabbit, the running score of Angora rabbit in Xiaomi 6x is about 140000, while that of Hongmi 6 Pro is only about 80000. Nearly double the running score. The performance difference is very obvious. In terms of actual experience, there is little difference in daily experience of playing ordinary game of "King's glory" by using microblog, wechat and browser. However, in complex scenes, such as opening multiple apps and playing a larger 3D game of "Jedi survival and peace elite", the experience gap between red rice 6 Pro and Xiaomi 6x is more obvious, especially in large 3D games, Xiaolong 625 mobile phone has gradually shown difficulty.

In terms of photographing, Hongmi 6 Pro is equipped with a combination of front-end 5 million and rear-end 12 million + 5 million dual cameras (supporting PDAF phase focusing), while Xiaomi 6x is equipped with a combination of front-end 20 million and rear-end 12 million + 20 million dual cameras (supporting AI photographing), combining with AI chips, supporting AI photographing. From the perspective of camera comparison, the advantages of Xiaomi 6x camera before and after are obvious, the main camera, which belongs to the strong camera in the thousand yuan machine. But the red rice 6 Pro camera specification is low, belongs to the standard level in the thousand yuan machine.

In terms of endurance, the Hongmi 6 Pro has a built-in 4000mAh large capacity battery, while the Xiaomi 6x has a sacrifice in battery capacity due to its pursuit of light weight, with a capacity of only 3010mah. In terms of charging, these two mobile phones are equipped with 10W charging heads as standard, neither of which supports fast charging. Because the battery capacity of the red rice 6 Pro is significantly larger, and the screen is smaller, the battery life can kill the Xiaomi 6x street, and the medium and light use can last for 2 days. Nowadays, smart phones in red belong to the long-range level. Xiaomi 6x's endurance is relatively standard, and it's inevitable to charge every day.

In other aspects, the bottom of Xiaomi 6x is equipped with type-C data interface, while Hongmi 6 Pro is a relatively older micro USB interface.

In general, the gap between the two mobile phones is obvious. For those who don't play big games, don't have high requirements for performance and photos, and pay more attention to endurance and price, the red rice 6 Pro is obviously more suitable. If you pay attention to the beauty, mainstream game performance and good photo taking experience, Xiaomi 6x is more suitable, but you need to pay attention to the next endurance.