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Spy photos of Xiaomi max 3: when will Xiaomi max 3 go on sale Lei Jun has previously exposed that Xiaomi max 3 will be released in July, while Lei Jun has already released the packaging box of Xiaomi max 3 on Weibo. In the afternoon of July 6, Xiaomi max 3's real machine was exposed. This mobile phone carries 5500mah super capacity battery. Come and have a look.

Although the hot millet mix 3 is still out of reach, the real video of millet max 3 has appeared on the Internet. From the video screenshot, the front of Xiaomi max3 adopts the design of suspected Liu Haiping, while the back of the fuselage is the same vertical double camera design as Xiaomi 6x, with fingerprint on the back and metal fuselage. In this way, Xiaomi max3 is a little like a magnified Xiaomi 6x

In fact, in June, Xiaomi max3 was suspected to have entered the Ministry of industry and information technology of the Internet, and the certificate photos at that time showed us the general design of Xiaomi max3. It is reported that there is a combination of high and low configuration in Xiaomi max, among which the high configuration uses Qualcomm snapdragon 710 processor, while the low configuration is Qualcomm snapdragon 636. So it seems that the price of Xiaomi max3, as a large screen video phone, will not exceed 2500 yuan, and it is very likely that it will be less than 2000 yuan, so the price performance should be good.

In other aspects, the machine also has built-in storage specifications such as 3 + 32GB, 4 + 64GB and 6 + 128GB, with 5 million pixels in the front, 12 million pixels in the back, and 5500mah battery. Qc3.0 fast charging should be supported, otherwise such a large battery will not know how long it will take to charge.

According to the packaging box of Xiaomi max3 exposed by Lei Jun, the preparation of the mobile phone has been basically completed, and the rest is to see when the mobile phone is released and sold. At present, the first half of July has passed, and the middle of July is coming, while Xiaomi official hasn't any warming up and notice yet, and we don't know when Xiaomi max3 conference will be held.

In fact, Xiaomi max3 is a mobile phone that should have been released at the beginning of this year, but I don't know why it was delayed to summer. It's no surprise to postpone the release of Xiaomi max3 to August if there is any emergency that needs to be postponed again.