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Remember! These parts of vegetables should not be eaten. Be careful of poisoning eating more vegetables is good for your health, but not bad for your health. You must eat vegetables every day, so that you can have a balanced nutrition. However, not every part of every vegetable is edible. Be careful to eat the parts you can't eat. Let's have a look.

Which part of vegetables can't be eaten

1 green pepper: Base

In order to prevent diseases and insect pests, most vegetables are sprayed with pesticides, and green pepper, although it is hung, but its plant is relatively short. When spraying pesticides, it is often from top to bottom, and a lot of pesticides will be accumulated at the base of green pepper.

2 cabbage: Vegetable Gang

Chinese cabbage is the place with the most pesticide residues. When spraying, the pesticide sprayed on the top will slowly flow down the leaves and stalks of the vegetables to the bottom of the vegetables, so there are often more pesticides on the vegetables. Secondly, because the vegetables are close to the ground, the probability of pesticide reduction or decomposition caused by wind and sun is relatively small, so the pesticide residues on the vegetables are more stubborn.

3 potatoes: skin

Potato contains solanine (also known as solanine), is a weak alkaline glucoside. Almost all of the toxic substances are concentrated in potato skins, especially those that are green or sprouting in the sun. Solanine may cause chronic poisoning when it accumulates to a certain amount in the body.

4 beans: two ends and two sides

If not removed or cooked, it is easy to cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and other adverse reactions. Cooked to 80 ℃ in the immature beans, the toxin is higher, so the best way to eat beans is to pinch off both ends and stew in high fire. Make sure the water in the pot is not over the beans. Boil the water for another 30 minutes.

5 fresh cauliflower: root

Fresh golden needle is a kind of fresh cauliflower. Colchicine is mainly at its root. It enters the human body through oxidation to produce toxic substance colchicine, which destroys the ability of cell division, causes cell death, causes gastrointestinal discomfort, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms similar to acute gastroenteritis, and is easy to be misdiagnosed.

7 sweet potato: skin

The anti-cancer component in sweet potato skin is very high, but because it grows in the underground, the skin and soil contact directly, many harmful substances will accumulate in sweet potato skin. Sweet potato is also easy to infect the black spot pathogen, which shows that the skin of sweet potato has brown and dark brown spots. To eat healthy vegetables, you need to eat right.