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What is the symptom of bitter summer? What is the best way to eat

Four seas net: summer weather is hot, a lot of people can appear appetite drops inappetence, physical fatigue, low working efficiency situation, that is, people say bitter summer, what exactly is bitter summer? Let's have a look.

What is bitter summer

The exogenous fever, which is characterized by fatigue, dizziness, restlessness, polyhidrosis, or low fever, is caused by the weakness of body and re feeling the heat. Common diseases in summer. Also known as Zhuxia. The common syndrome types are Qi Yin deficiency type and dampness dampness dampness spleen type. In summer, when the weather is hot and the ground is wet and steamed, the body is too hot and humid. The spleen, stomach, heart and lung cannot adapt and adjust for a while, most of which are caused by the disorder of autonomic nerves.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is because people with long-term physical deficiency feel the heat. In summer, when the weather is hot and the ground is wet and steamed, the body is too hot and humid. The spleen, stomach, heart and lung cannot adapt and adjust for a while, most of which are caused by the disorder of vegetative nerves.

Western medicine believes that people sweat a lot in summer, sweat takes away a lot of water and salt, making the body electrolyte out of balance, so there are symptoms of being lazy and powerless. In addition, psychosocial factors induce temporary disorders of some physiological functions of the human body, resulting in neuroendocrine related changes and no corresponding pathological changes in the tissue structure of the syndrome.

Symptoms of bitter summer

Loss of appetite, not thinking about food, and accompanied by low fever (37 ℃ - 37.4 ℃), physical fatigue, fatigue, low spirit, low efficiency, weight loss.

Fidgety, fatigue, dizziness and chest distress. According to traditional Chinese medicine, this is "heat injury", while people say it is "bitter summer".

Bitter summer is not a disease. It is due to high temperature, high humidity and other climatic factors, which lead to the disorder of autonomic nervous function, which causes the dysfunction of human body's thermoregulatory center. The function of heat production and heat dissipation tends to be disordered, thus causing the functional low heat. Plus the hot summer climate, a large number of sweating, sweat away a lot of water and salt, so that the body's electrolyte imbalance, so there are symptoms of being lazy and powerless. Reflected in the gastrointestinal tract, people will feel anorexia, abdominal distension, constipation or diarrhea or the alternation of the two, and then there will be general fatigue and weakness, palpitation, sweating, insomnia, dreaminess and other neurasthenia symptoms. Bitter summer with deficiency of Qi and Yin

It can be seen that God is tired, sleepy, dizzy, sweaty, thirsty and thin. The tongue is fat with teeth marks, thin fur and thin veins. Qingshuyiqi Decoction plus Schisandra, paeony, etc.

Obstruction of summer due to dampness and stagnation of spleen

It can be seen that the spirit is tired and languid, the body is tired and sleepy, the stomach is stuffy, the mouth is light and disgusting, the stool is loose, the moss is greasy, and the pulse is moistening. It is suitable to treat heat and dampness with Huopu Xialing decoction. After general summer, the condition can be improved by itself, and some patients can show the periodic characteristics of every summer. Resistance to summer heat is also a sign of heatstroke. Further development can cause heatstroke.

The treatment of bitter summer

In midsummer, people also suffer from heatstroke psychologically. The main symptoms are irritability, irritability, temper tantrum, confusion of thinking, abnormal behavior and lack of interest in things. Many people often quarrel with others over trivial matters.

According to statistics, about 16% of the normal people will have 'emotional heatstroke' in summer, especially when the temperature is over 35 ℃, the sunshine time is over 12 hours, and the humidity is over 80%, the proportion of 'emotional heatstroke' will rise sharply. Therefore, to prevent the bitter summer, psychological adjustment is also very important. As the saying goes, 'calm mind naturally cool', in the hot weather, we must learn to 'calm down, calm down, abstain from impetuosity, and calm down'. When encountering something unpleasant, we should learn to transfer our emotions and conduct 'cold treatment'. Reading more enjoyable books can not only bring joy to life, but also eliminate depression. Make nervous nerves relax in humorous situation, play the role of self comfort, and spend the summer happily.

Afternoon nap

Summer day is long and night is short, because dry heat again, how much can affect people's normal sleep. But we should try our best to keep the body's circadian rhythm and form the habit of getting up and sleeping regularly. The best bedtime in summer is 22:00-23:00, the best time to get up is 5:30-6:30, the biological clock is not 'wrong point', and all physiological rhythms of the body can run safely. The reduction of sleep time at night can be supplemented by siesta. Taking a nap in the afternoon can help improve your work efficiency. In addition, the researchers also found that a proper nap can balance hormone secretion in the body and reduce the incidence of myocardial infarction and other diseases. It should be noted that it is not suitable to sit or sleep in the ambush, or sleep in the cool wind, in the open air or beside the air conditioner, to avoid catching a cold. In hot days, the pores of the skin will be dilated, and the evil Qi will be easily driven into the skin through the pores, and it is easy to catch cold. To ensure the quality of sleep is very important to relieve the symptoms of 'bitter summer'.

What's a good watermelon for a bitter summer

It can clear away heat and detoxify, eliminate boredom and thirst, and can diuresis and help digestion.


There is a layer of white powder with sweet taste on the surface. It is a mannitol with great medical value. It has good diuretic effect and can treat food poisoning.

Towel gourd

It has the functions of clearing away heat and intestines, cooling blood and detoxifying, activating collaterals and channels, relieving summer heat, relieving thirst, dispelling wind and resolving phlegm. It is the best health care product in summer.

Balsam pear

Clear the heat, clear the eyes and detoxify. Balsam pear has high vitamin content.


The smell is sweet and cold, heat clearing and water benefiting. Cucumber has the highest water content in vegetables, which is more than 100%.

The food with the function of relieving summer heat also includes strawberry, soybean, mung bean, shepherd's purse, winter melon, celery, chrysanthemum, water bamboo shoot, water chestnut, broad bean, red bean, herring, crucian carp, silver carp, etc.