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100 life tips home life tips (super practical)

The 100 family practical life tips recommended by Xiaobian are super practical, which can solve the small problems in your daily life. Hurry to collect and share them to make your life better.

1. Check whether the eggs are fresh

To verify whether the egg is fresh, just put it in salt water, the fresh egg will sink, and the non fresh one will float.

2. Fry fresh and tender eggs

Put the eggs in the bowl, add some warm water and stir well, then stir fry in the oil pan. When frying, drop a little wine into the pot to make the eggs fluffy, tender and delicious.

3. Boiled chicken with soybeans

Add some soybeans into the pot to cook the chicken, not only the meat is tender and cooked quickly, but also the nutrition is improved.

4. Stir fry shredded pork with water

Stir fry shredded pork and sliced pork with a little water. The fried meat is more tender than that without water.

5. Stir fry with hot water

When frying vegetables, do not add cold water. Cold water will make the vegetables old, hard and not delicious, while the vegetables fried with boiling water are crispy and tender.

6. Stir fried lotus root silk will not turn black

When stir fried lotus root, add some water while stir frying to prevent the lotus root from turning black.

7. Keep potatoes from sprouting

The potatoes often sprout when they are bought. Next time, you can put an apple in the pile of potatoes.

8. Easy scale

Soak the fish in saltwater before scaling, and the scales will fall off easily.

9. How to smell fried fish

Immerse the fish in the milk for a while before frying, which can not only remove the fishiness, but also enhance the freshness.

10. Boiled fish soup with milk

When making frozen fish, add some milk to the soup to make the fish taste fresher.

11. Stir fry transparent shrimps

Put the shrimp into the bowl, add some salt and alkaline powder, rub it with your hands for a while, then soak it in water, and then wash it with water, so that the fried shrimp is transparent as crystal, fresh and delicious.

12. How to stir fry eggplant

Before frying eggplant, blanch it with boiling water or marinate it with salt to remove oil. Put some vinegar when frying, the color is better.

13. Put some vinegar in the stew

When stewing spareribs or stewing soup, put some vinegar, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium.

14. Cooking in a steamer with salt

When cooking in a double-layer steamer, add salt to the water and the food will ripen faster.

15. Add spoon oil to boiled noodles to prevent overflow

When you cook noodles, add one tablespoon of oil on the water surface, the noodles will not be stained, and it will prevent the noodle soup from foaming and spilling out of the pot.

16. Steamed rice with some crude oil

When steaming rice, add a few drops of crude oil into the pot and stir it. The steamed rice will not stick to the pot.

17. Tips for making pancakes that don't stick to the pot

When pancakes are baked, it is not easy to stick the pan if salt is sprinkled on the pan.

18. Wash black fungus

When washing black fungus, put a little flour, it can wash more cleanly.

19. Cook green beans and freeze them first

Soak mung beans, soybeans and red beans in the freezer for 2 hours, take them out and cook them quickly.

20. Skilfully peel garlic

Before peeling garlic, soak the whole garlic with water. It will be much easier to peel.

12345 on the previous page, 100 life tips on the next page, really super practical, do you know? If you know these little tricks, you will solve a lot of small troubles in life.

21. Remove the smell of garlic

Drink a glass of milk to eliminate the garlic smell left in your mouth.

22. Fennel after meal

Chewing 5-10 fennel and swallowing it after meals can prevent bad breath and freshen breath. The oil in fennel can also help digestion and remove the odor of digestive tract.

23. Boiled dumplings do not stick to the pot

When cooking dumplings, add enough water, add a small amount of salt after the water is boiled, mix well, and then lower the dumplings, so as to increase the toughness of the gluten, the dumplings will not stick to the skin and the pot, and the dumplings in Tangqing are fragrant.

24. Walnut meat

Steam the walnuts in the pot for 10 minutes, take them out and put them in cold water, then smash them open, you can take out the whole peach kernel.

25. Save coke

It's not easy to leak when you put a bottle of coke over.

26. Peel mango and tomato

Mango peels well after a few seconds on the gas stove. The tomato can be scalded with boiling water, and the skin is easy to peel off.

27. Why the iron pot doesn't stick to the pot

In an ordinary iron pot, when you need to fry something, first heat the pot, pour a small amount of oil, then pour out the oil after it is hot, and then pour in the cold oil, it will become a non stick pot, and neither the fried fish nor the water fried package will stick.

28. Cut onions without tears

When you cut onions and other vegetables, you can peel them and put them in the refrigerator freezer for several hours before you cut them, so you won't cry.

29. Know how to cut the eggs

Cut the egg with a knife. The yolk will stick to the knife. You can cut the egg with silk thread. It is even and does not stick to the yolk. It can also be cut neatly and beautifully by scalding the knife in hot water.

30. How to cut hot pepper

If you want to cut hot pepper or hot hand, you can try to wash your hands with toothpaste. The effect is good.

31. What to do if it's hot to tears

How to eat spicy, spicy to tears? Eating spicy food to tears, drinking water can not solve the spicy, but will be more spicy. The best way to relieve spicy is to drink milk, which can relieve the spicy feeling.

32. Clothes stained with wine

Don't worry if your clothes or tablecloths are stained with wine. Sprinkle salt on them and rinse them with cold water. Similarly, clothes stained with coffee can be washed with salt.

33. How to remove the hot pot smell from clothes

Pour water into the spout, add 1-2 drops of lemon juice, shake well, and spray on the outside of the coat. After spraying a layer of water on the surface of the clothes, hang them up and put them in a ventilated place to air dry naturally, and the taste will be gone.

34. Wrinkle removal

The clothes are wrinkled. They are not only old but also untidy? To teach you a trick, add a vinegar and three parts of water to the spray bottle and spray it on the clothes for a while. After drying, the pleats miraculously disappeared!

35. Wonderful use of expired milk

When the milk is out of date and can't be drunk, the dishcloth can be soaked to wipe the table floor, and the dirt can be removed soon.

36. Cleaning of refrigerator top

Stick a layer of fresh-keeping film on the top of the refrigerator. After a period of time, you can keep the top of the refrigerator clean, so you don't have to wipe it every day.

37. Sharpen the scissors

Use aluminum foil paper, fold two or three pieces together, and cut them with scissors, so that the scissors can recover sharpness.

38. Maintenance of cutting board

The new cutting board shall be coated with edible oil on the upper and lower sides and the periphery, and then coated three or four times after the oil is dried, so that the cutting board treated in this way is durable.

39. Repair cracked plates

Put the cracked plate into the pot and pour the milk into it. Heat it for four to five minutes. After taking out the plate, the crack almost disappears.

40. Maintenance of casserole

The newly purchased casserole is used for the first time. It is best to cook porridge or thick rice washing water to block the micro pores of the casserole and prevent water seepage.

12345 on the previous page, 100 life tips on the next page, really super practical, do you know? If you know these little tricks, you will solve a lot of small troubles in life.

41. Remove rust

Use chopped shallots, freshly cut potato chips or radish skin to dip in a little salt, and grind the rusty place hard to remove the rust easily.

42. Whitening teeth

Salt on a dry toothbrush can whiten your teeth.

43. Clean gold jewelry

The surface of gold jewelry is old. Dip a little toothpaste and gently wipe it, it will be as bright as new.

44. Self made safe and efficient detergent

Pour 1 / 3 vinegar and 2 / 3 water into a spray bottle, add a few drops of detergent, and shake well. A bottle of safe and efficient detergent is born.

45. Remove the cup stains

Pour the baking soda on the cleaning cloth, drop a little water, and wipe the inner wall of the cup back and forth to remove the stains inside.

46. Prevent water mist in the mirror

The water mist on the bathroom mirror is hard to clean with dry and wet towels. You can first apply a layer of soap on the mirror, and then dry it with a dry cloth. The mirror is easy to restore its clarity.

47. Remove hair from fabric sofa and bed sheet

If it is cleaned by hand, it will take time and effort. You can paste a circle of double-sided tape on the surface of a long strip like object, such as the wrap paper axis, and roll it on the sofa or bed sheet to quickly remove the hair.

48. Remove mildew

When there is mildew in drawers, closets and suitcases, put a soap in them to remove it.

49. Greasy stove is not clean

Mix two spoonfuls of vinegar with 200ml of warm water, then use sponge and green loofah pulp, dip in the "hot vinegar water" to clean the stainless steel stove, and make it as bright as new.

50. Clean the lampblack machine

After cleaning the range hood every time, a layer of liquid glue can be applied on the surface of its leaves, operation panel, etc., and it can be used after it is dried. In this way, the oil stain is not only not easy to adhere to its surface, but also much more convenient to clean again. If necessary, you can tear off all the glue film gently, and the lampblack machine will be completely new.

51. Decontamination of noodle soup

The basin and bowl are stained with oil stain, which can be washed with Noodle Soup (dumpling soup). After washing, rinse with clear water. The decontamination effect is no less than that of detergent.

52. The dish board has peculiar smell

Vegetable board has peculiar smell. It can be soaked in rice washing water, washed with salt or alkali, or rubbed with ginger several times, and then washed with hot water. After cleaning, sprinkle some vinegar on the vegetable board, dry it in the sun, and then wash it with water.

53. Maintenance of new iron pot

The dishes fried in the new iron pot will turn black. Put the iron pot on the fire and heat it. Pour in 200-250g vinegar, scrub it with a brush and wash it.

54. Cleaning the casserole

If the pots and pans are dirty, they can be soaked in rice washing water and heated, then they can be cleaned with a brush and washed with water.

55. Drain

Take some vinegar and baking soda, pour half a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar & hellip; hellip; into the water channel in turn to generate a lot of bubbles. Don't panic. After the bubbles stop foaming, rinse them with hot water. The problem is solved!

56. Skillfully remove the rotten smell of garbage cans

Take a piece of bread and fill it with vinegar. Put it in the garbage can and let it sleep. There is no disgusting smell after taking out the bread the next day! This skill is also applicable to all kinds of stinky things~

57 wipe glasses

Glasses dirty, how to wipe ability more bright? Spray some water on your glasses, take a soft cloth and dip it in a little vinegar, you will get rid of all the dust, and you will have a clear vision!

58. Prevent lens fogging

Apply soap liquid, detergent or bath gel and other surfactants to the lens, and then wipe them with glasses cloth.

59. Banana preservation

A friend who loves bananas is most worried that the bananas in stock will soon become discolored. You can try to wrap the root of banana with plastic wrap, which can prolong its preservation time!

60. Smart cut mango

The layer cut from the middle to leave the nucleus. Use the thin glass mouth to scrape down the mango flesh, a whole piece of flesh, just think about it!

12345 on the previous page, 100 life tips on the next page, really super practical, do you know? If you know these little tricks, you will solve a lot of small troubles in life.

61. Exquisitely cut pomegranate

Use a knife to cut the pomegranate skin in the middle of the transverse direction, make a circle, and screw the pomegranate into two halves in two different directions by hand. Break the pomegranate grains tightly together and tap them with a spoon: it's easy to let them come into the bowl.

62. Smart orange cutting

Use a knife to cut the orange skin in the horizontal middle of the orange, draw a circle, then use your fingers to stretch in and loosen it, pull out and half the orange skin will be completely peeled off.

63. Cut strawberries skillfully

Stick the straw in from the bottom of the strawberry and push the leaves out. There's no need to waste the strawberry meat in the straw.

64. Plastic cap is too tight

The plastic cap is too tight to open. Put it in the refrigerator for a while and then it can be easily unscrewed.

65. Slicing peaches

Prepare a basin of ice water and a pot of boiling water first. At the end of the peach, make a cross with a knife. Put the peach into boiling water and cook for about 35-45 seconds. Take it out with a leaky spoon. Then immediately put it into ice water and tear off the peel with your hand. This is the same move