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How to prevent "fan disease" in summer electric fan is one of the best choices for cooling and summer vacation in summer, which is popular with people. However, improper use of electric fan will bring harm to people. What should we pay attention to in summer? Let's have a look.

The disadvantage of frequent fan blowing

If you turn on the electric fan frequently, you will have a series of symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, fatigue, headache, dizziness, insomnia, shoulder pain, anorexia, etc., which is called "fan disease". The electric fan can accelerate the evaporation of sweat and make people cool and comfortable. However, due to the constant and small change of fan speed, the air flow and vibration are carried out at a fixed frequency, so it is not as gentle as the natural wind. In addition, the "whirlwind" of the electric fan has a tremor effect on the eardrum of people. If the time is too long, people will feel tired.

The sweat evaporation of human body should be balanced. When blowing the fan, the sweat evaporated quickly on one side near the fan, the skin surface temperature decreased, the blood vessels contracted, while the skin surface temperature on the other side was still high, and the blood vessels expanded. If the time is too long, the balance of human body surface will be destroyed. The key to prevent the fan disease lies in the scientific use of the fan. First, the use time should not be too long, which should be 30 minutes to 1 hour; and the rotation speed should not be too fast; second, the fan should not be directly blown to the human body, nor too close to it. After blowing for a period of time, the position of the fan should be changed, or the human body should be changed to avoid local freezing for too long; Third, don't sleep with the electric fan on. The temperature is too high. You can only shake your head and control the breeze at a fixed time. Also, when you sweat a lot, don't sit still and blow hard. In addition, the elderly and infirm, children and patients with long-term illness, cold and arthritis should not use electric fans as much as possible.

In the hot summer, fans become the main heatstroke prevention and cooling equipment for most people. However, if the use of electric fans is improper, it will also bring harm to health. So what should we pay attention to when using the fan correctly?

Precautions for blowing fan in summer

1. Do not blow for more than 1 hour. For a long time blowing against the electric fan, the human body temperature will decrease with the evaporation of sweat, which is easy to cause cold, cold, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other diseases. Generally, it is better to blow for half an hour to one hour at a time.

2. If you sweat, don't blow it immediately. When sweating a lot, don't blow the wind immediately when sitting or lying down, because the blood vessels on the whole body surface expand at this time and are suddenly blown by the cool wind, which often causes the blood vessels to contract, and the perspiration stops immediately, thus causing the imbalance of heat production and heat dissipation in the body, and the excess heat can't be excreted instead.

3. The blower fan should be kept at a distance. Practice has proved that the electric fan in the wind speed of 1000 meters per second, people will feel cool, if the wind speed is too strong, it is bad for people's health. If the electric fan rotates at low speed, the distance between the person and the fan is: Fan diameter & times; 9. For example, the fan diameter is 0.2m & times; 9 = 1.8m. If the fan is in the high-speed gear, the distance is in the low-speed gear. If the room is small, it is better to choose a small capacity electric fan. If a large fan is used, low speed gear should be selected.

4. Coat the net cover with cool oil. If you put cool oil on the net cover of the electric fan, it will turn into an electric fan that can not only bring cool, but also emit fragrance; similarly, put a container full of ice in front of the electric fan, and the wind will bring cool mist, which makes you feel cool and comfortable. In addition, the window located at the upper air vent is opened wide, and the window at the lower air vent is opened with a seam, which can form a ventilation channel and discharge the indoor hot air.

5. No directional wind. When blowing, the electric fan constantly moves its position and direction, forming a big and a small blow, which makes the body surface slowly affected by the wind, and does not make people feel too cold, but feels the whole body temperature is even.

6. Sleeping blowers are prone to disease. When people are sleeping, the function of the organs of the body is reduced to the lowest level, all reflexes disappear, immunity is reduced, and diseases are easily caused.

7. The electric fan blows against the corner of the wall. When the outdoor temperature is lower than the room temperature, put the electric fan in the window, facing the indoor, you can send the outdoor cool wind into the indoor. On the contrary, when the outdoor temperature is higher, the electric fan is placed towards the window direction, which can prevent the outdoor hot air from entering the room and keep the indoor temperature relatively low. The ventilation effect of the wind flowing along the diagonal of the room is the best. It is recommended to place the electric fan along the diagonal and blow against the corner of the wall.

8. Blow less if you have poor resistance. After the cold wind blows, the local defense function declines, the virus bacteria invades, may produce the upper respiratory tract infection, the muscle, the joint pain, some even the abdominal pain, the abdominal discharge. In short, the use of electric fans must pay attention to methods, otherwise good things bad, but bad for health.

Conclusion: the above is the relevant knowledge about the precautions for summer fans introduced by the editor, hoping to help you. If you want to learn more about summer health preservation, please continue to pay attention to this site.