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How to deal with the first aid of heat stroke it's hard to bear the heat in summer. Many people will suffer heatstroke in the face of high temperature. We should do a good job of heatstroke prevention in our daily life. So who is prone to heatstroke? How to give first aid after heatstroke? Let's learn together as soon as possible.

7 types of people are most susceptible to heatstroke

1. People who drink less

Water supplement is not enough, which is harmful to sweat and heat dissipation. It should be noted that drinking cold drinks does not prevent heatstroke, because cold drinks will cause a sudden drop in the body temperature, and the accumulation of heat in the body can not be distributed, doubling the risk of heatstroke. Zhou Jian, a nutrition professor at Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine, points out that hot tea is actually the magic weapon to relieve summer heat. This is because drinking hot tea can open the pores, promote the secretion of sweat glands, and take away the heat in the body.

2. A person who does not sweat

Congenital sweat glands are underdeveloped, or people who use antiperspirant drugs are more likely to suffer heatstroke due to the imbalance of body heat dissipation function. For example, taking a cold medicine containing antihistamines will inhibit the parasympathetic nervous system, and sweating needs to be operated by the parasympathetic nervous system. Once it is inhibited, it will affect the sweating function; in addition, if lithium salt or diuretic is used, it will urinate a lot, the body is prone to water shortage, and it is also prone to heatstroke.

3. A competitive person

In summer, people who are stressed, have a compulsive personality and strive for success in everything are prone to 'emotional heatstroke'. Especially when the temperature is over 35 ℃, the sunshine is over 12 hours and the humidity is over 80%, the proportion of physical heatstroke and 'emotional heatstroke' will rise sharply.

4. People with diarrhea

Diarrhea is easy to cause water shortage and heat stroke due to excessive water loss.

5. Sleep deprived people

Sweating requires good cardiopulmonary function, and the output of blood from the heart is sufficient. Often stay up late or lack of sleep, usually poor cardiopulmonary function, will affect sweating.

6. Fat people

Fat people have thick subcutaneous fat, which is not easy to dissipate heat.

7. A man of strenuous exercise

Sports will speed up the body to generate heat, the greater the amount of exercise, the more heat production, the more prone to heatstroke. In addition, people with large muscles produce more heat when they exercise, which is also a high-risk group of heatstroke.

In addition, people with metabolic diseases, chronic diseases or cardiopulmonary dysfunction, and those who use amphetamines (psychoactive drugs) are also prone to heatstroke.

How to give first aid in heatstroke

1. Quickly evacuate the high temperature environment causing heatstroke

Quickly transfer the heatstroke sufferer to a cool and ventilated place for rest. Make him lie on his back, raise his head and loosen his buttons. You can also apply cool oil and essential balm to the forehead and temples, or take herbs such as Huoxiang Zhengqi water,

Severe heatstroke patients should be rushed to hospital for rescue.

2. Replenish oral liquid

If the heatstroke person is sober and has no nausea or vomiting, he can drink cool and salty drinks, salt tea, mung bean soup, etc. to cool down and replenish blood volume.

3. Artificial heat dissipation

The method of heat dissipation such as electric fan blowing can be used, but it can't blow directly to the patient to prevent cold.

It can also be cold applied on the head. Ice bags should be placed at the head, armpit, groin and other large blood vessels (put ice block, ice stick, water ice cream, etc. in plastic bags, tightly sealed), and can be wiped with cold water or 30% alcohol until the skin turns red.

4. Intravenous infusion

In case of heat stroke failure and more water loss, isoosmotic glucose intravenous drip should be supplemented; in case of hyponatremia, normal saline intravenous drip can be given; in case of severe hyponatremia and water poisoning, 3% hypertonic saline intravenous drip can be given.

In case of severe heatstroke, 5% glucose saline or 10% calcium gluconate were given intravenously.

In case of infection, antibiotics should be used for treatment.

5. Acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture and moxibustion have a significant therapeutic effect on patients with mild to moderate heatstroke. It can also have a good first-aid effect on the rescue of coma before being sent to the hospital

Filiform acupuncture therapy: it is mainly used for Du meridian, hand, Foot Yangming and hand fern yin meridians.

Take Dazhui, daling, Hegu, Neiguan, Weizhong, xiefa and keep the needles for 30 minutes in case of mild illness; take Shixuan, Weizhong, Baihui, Shuigou, Quchi in case of severe illness, and use Sanling needle to prick Shixuan and Weizhong. Headache plus cephalic dimension; vomiting plus Zhongwan, puncturing Jinjin and Yuye; upset plus Tongli; convulsion plus Yanglingquan; sweating limb cold plus Taiyuan.

6. Scraping therapy

Scraping is a very effective method of folk traditional treatment of heatstroke. Before scraping, first use a bowl of hot water, add two spoons of sesame oil, take a smooth spoon, copper coin or copper coin, dip it in oil and water, start from the vest of the patient, gently scraping downward (never backward scraping), and gradually focus on it. If the spoon is dry, it can be dipped and scraped again. Until the local skin is red and uplifted, or purple and black skin spots are shown, the patient wakes up and feels light.

If the disease is acute and severe, and there is severe abdominal pain, it is not allowed to vomit on the upper side and diarrhea on the lower side. You can go to the traditional Chinese medicine store to buy 0.2g of Sha Yi Huichun pill, and swallow it with warm boiled water to open the orifices and expel the filth.

Conclusion: the above is the common sense of summer health preservation introduced by Xiaobian. I hope it can help you. If you want to learn more about summer health preservation, please continue to pay attention to this site.