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What are the symptoms of infant flatulence? How to relieve the phenomenon of infant flatulence it's a big problem for a new mother to take care of her baby. Every day, she studies' rising posture ', but she still doesn't take care of her baby very well. She always encounters various problems. The most common is not sleeping and crying. In fact, this may be flatulence. So what are the symptoms of baby flatulence? How to relieve the flatulence of baby's intestines. Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

1、 These symptoms indicate that the baby has flatulence!

1. Belly rumbling, farting a lot, sometimes quite loud, farting sometimes Bang shit;

2. There are bubbles in the stool, and the number of stools is abnormal, which can be more or less;

3. Fight with oneself, force to straighten, small arm crus kicks disorderly, sometimes small face holds red;

4. Frequent breast-feeding, breast-feeding more obvious, when confused also always want to eat;

5. Spitting and rippling milk;

6. Sleep less, sleep restlessly, cry more.

2、 What reason may cause baby's flatulence?

1. Physiological factors: gastrointestinal function is not mature

The baby is young, the digestive system of the gastrointestinal tract is immature, and the lactase content in the small intestine is insufficient. When formula milk or breast milk is fed, lactose enters the large intestine before being fully digested in the small intestine. In the digestive tract, lactose is fermented through the action of intestinal bacteria and other digestive enzymes, which makes the bad bacteria producing gas proliferate and form gas.

2. Daily factors: excessive air consumption and flatulence during lactation

① Pure breastfeeding: breastfeeding mothers eat too much easy to produce gas food, the baby is prone to flatulence after breast milk;

② Formula feeding: the size of the nipple hole of the milk bottle is not appropriate, and it is easy to inhale air when drinking milk;

③ Baby crying: also easy to swallow air.

3、 To relieve the baby's flatulence, try these methods

1. Belch after feeding

After feeding the baby, belch in time (the belch is the gas in the stomach). There are three ways to burp:

① Vertical holding: hold the baby vertically after feeding, with the head resting on the shoulder of the adult and hands hollow, gently pat the baby's back from bottom to top until the baby burps;

② Sitting style: place the baby on the mother's leg, hold the baby's head with one hand, and support the head with the other hand in a hollow shape from the bottom to the top, gently pat the back;

③ Prone: put your baby's head on her mother's legs in a half prone position, with one hand protecting her head, and the other hand in a hollow shape from bottom to top, pat her back gently.

2. Warm towel and warm stomach

It can promote the peristalsis of the baby's intestines and relieve the discomfort caused by flatulence. But pay attention to towel temperature, do not burn baby.

3. Massage baby's abdomen

Moderate massage can promote intestinal peristalsis and exhaust, relieve baby's flatulence. Specific method: wash hands, first warm your hands or rub them, take baby's navel as the center, and gently massage baby's belly with your hands in a clockwise direction. Massage 15-20 times each time (for two groups), about 5 minutes, several times a day.

4. 'cycling' exercise

Let the baby lie flat on the bed, lift the baby's legs, imitate the 'cycling' action in the air, by letting the baby's thighs curl up and stretch, it is equivalent to 'gymnastics' for the intestines.

4、 How do parents help babies prevent flatulence in life?

1. Avoid starving your baby for too long

If the baby is hungry for too long, it will be very urgent and hard to eat the milk, so it will suck in too much air.


① As long as the baby has a hungry expression and response to feed;

② Feed the baby on time to avoid crying for too long;

③ Help baby to burp after feeding.

2. Correct nursing posture

Whether breastfeeding or formula feeding, the baby should be fed in the right posture:


① Pull the baby's head with your hand as much as possible;

② Let baby's lips fit mother's nipple closely to reduce swallowing air;

③ Ensure that the baby is suckling in the most comfortable position.

Formula feeding:

① Choose the right bottle and nipple according to the age of the baby to avoid the hole of the nipple being too large;

② Let the milk fill the front of the bottle mouth, do not have a slope, so as not to let the baby inhale air;

③ If the baby has diarrhea or flatulence, the milk can be soaked in half of the original concentration.

3. Reasonable feeding and regular living

Parents should help their babies develop good eating habits:

① Formula baby should not drink too cold milk;

② Breast fed babies, mothers need to pay attention to the diet to avoid eating cold food or easily flatulent food;

③ Make sure your baby gets enough sleep every day;

④ Avoid wearing too little for your baby to catch cold, etc.