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Eight "best" tips for summer health

Sihaiwang: health preservation is a permanent topic, which is related to our health. It can't be underestimated, especially in the hot summer. What is suitable for eating and drinking in summer? Let's have a look.

Common sense of health preservation in summer

Best condiment vinegar

Summer temperature is high, people sweat more, easy to fatigue, appropriate to eat more vinegar, can improve the concentration of stomach acid, appetite, help digestion and absorption of food. At the same time, people consume a lot in summer and are sleepy. Eating vinegar properly can quickly eliminate fatigue and keep you energetic.

The best vegetable -- bitter dish

In summer, there is much rain and high humidity in the air, which often makes people listless, tired, depressed, dizzy, inappetence, emaciated and so on. Eating bitter vegetables is good for human body.

Modern scientific research has proved that bitter vegetables are rich in alkaloids, amino acids, bitter elements, vitamins and minerals, which have the functions of relieving heat, refreshing and strengthening stomach. Balsam pear, balsam pear, lettuce, celery, dandelion and lotus seed are all good choices for summer.

The best meat -- duck

Don't think it's better to eat light food in summer. You know, as long as you choose the right supplements, you can get them in summer. Here's a good summer tonic - duck meat. Duck meat is not only rich in the protein that people need in summer, but also can prevent and cure diseases. Because duck belongs to waterfowl, it is cold and cold. According to the principle of "hot is cold" in traditional Chinese medicine, it is especially suitable for people who have heat and are on fire.

Duck meat, ham and sea cucumber are stewed together, and the stewed duck juice is good at nourishing the Yin of the five internal organs, which has a significant effect on relieving the common symptoms of restlessness, weakness, less food, dry stool and edema in summer; duck meat and glutinous rice porridge have the effect of nourishing the stomach, nourishing blood and promoting the body fluid, which is very beneficial to the recovery after the disease; Stewed duck meat and kelp can soften blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis, hypertension and heart disease; stewed duck meat and bamboo shoots can cure hemorrhoids and bleeding.

Tomato soup: the best soup

Drinking more tomato soup can not only obtain the necessary nutrients for the human body in summer, but also supplement the water consumption, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone. Lycopene contained in tomato soup (cooked and cooled before drinking) has certain anti prostate cancer and heart protection effects, which is the most suitable Soup for men to drink.

Best drink hot tea

In summer, people can't do without drinks, and the first choice of drinks is not all kinds of cold drink products, nor beer and coffee, but very common hot tea.

Because tea is rich in the indispensable potassium element of human body (the average content of potassium in every 100 grams of tea is 10.7 mg in green tea and 24.1 mg in black tea respectively). Once the body is short of potassium, normal exercise will be affected, and the ability of heat resistance will be reduced, making people feel tired and powerless. Therefore, drink more herbal tea in summer to quench thirst and fatigue.

The best nutrient -- vitamin E

Vitamin is an indispensable nutrient for human body, and the best non vitamin E in summer is not.

German scientists stressed that the three major risks to human body in summer are strong sunlight, ozone and fatigue, and vitamin E can reduce these three risks to the lowest level.

Vitamin E is rich in cabbage, cauliflower, sesame, malt, bran bread, walnut mud, dairy products and other vegetables and foods. Therefore, it is advisable to eat more of these foods in summer, and take vitamin E pills if necessary, 15-60 mg per day.

Best sport - swimming

The best sport in summer is swimming. Swimming can not only exercise people's hands, feet, waist and abdomen, but also benefit people's heart, brain, lungs, liver and other viscera, especially beneficial to blood vessels, known as "vascular gymnastics". In addition, as the heat consumption in water is significantly higher than that in land, swimming can also reduce too much fat and gain the effect of weight loss and fitness.

Best cooling facilities fan

From the point of view of fitness, it is best to use cooling facilities as fans. The fitness effect of 'Antique' fans is incomparable to any modern cooling equipment.

What's more, fans can exercise and get the most pleasant wind. Why not?

Summer health care tips

1. Diet conditioning

In summer, the digestive system of the human body becomes fragile, so the summer health diet should pay attention to the functions of invigorating the spleen and Qi, clearing away heat and dampness, eliminating heat and promoting body fluid, and choose the lighter diet as the best, and eat less greasy and indigestible food. The best summer diet includes watermelon, cucumber, cantaloupe, tomato, green tea, mung bean soup, etc. But do not eat too cold food, or it will cause gastrointestinal damage.

2. Emotional adjustment

Summer is the most sweaty season, and it will damage a lot of heart qi. While paying attention to replenishing water, we should also do a good job in nourishing heart qi, such as making a pot of heart nourishing tea for ourselves that can make people feel relaxed and happy, or taking part in some activities that are interested in, and taking a summer trip.

3. Outdoor sports

Summer is suitable for outdoor sports. Effective exercise can make women's Yin and Yang Qi and blood merge, smooth blood channels and collaterals, and promote metabolism, detoxification and beautification. Because of the hot climate in summer, it is recommended to exercise in the morning or in the evening. You can choose jogging, fast walking, walking, aerobics, yoga and other sports. Don't be afraid of sweating too much in summer. Sweating in this time can play an effective role in detoxification. In addition, the use of air conditioning should not be excessive to avoid air conditioning disease.

4, nap

Summer is easy to shorten people's sleep time, so siesta is a very important link. The sun is the highest at noon, which is easy to cause heatstroke. In addition, in summer, the days become longer and the nights become shorter, so siesta is more important. It is suggested that the siesta time should be half an hour. A good siesta can eliminate fatigue and supplement energy.

Conclusion: the above is the common sense of summer health preservation introduced by Xiaobian. I hope it can help you. If you want to learn more about summer regimen, please continue to pay attention to