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What should be paid attention to when making a moon in summer it's very important for a girl to sit on the moon. According to the different seasons, women have different choices when they sit on the moon. If they choose the wrong method when they sit on the moon and don't pay attention to it, they will fall ill and it's hard to be cured. What should they pay attention to when they do it in summer?

Precautions for sitting on the moon in summer:

1. The indoor temperature should not be too high, and ventilation should be carried out frequently.

We must put an end to the phenomenon that the doors and windows are closed tightly, open the windows frequently for ventilation, and keep the indoor air fresh. In order to avoid catching cold when the new mother changes air, we can avoid convection. When the new mother changes air in the room, let the new mother stay in another room, or open the windows of each room when she is out in the sun.

2. When the humidity in the air is too high, you can use the air conditioner's moisture removal function.

It is most suitable to keep the indoor humidity at about 55%.

3、 When the weather is hot, you can use the air conditioner, fan or hand fan.

The indoor temperature should be kept at about 25 ℃, which is suitable for the new mother to feel comfortable. If necessary, you can turn on the air conditioner or use the fan, but you must avoid blowing directly to the new mother. Filter screen of air conditioner must be washed frequently to prevent bacteria from breeding.

4. Brush your teeth, wash your hair and take a bath.

Shower is the best way to take a bath. Some harmful old customs must be abandoned, such as the inability to brush your teeth, wash your hair and so on. There is no scientific basis at all. Should insist on daily shower, so as to keep the pores of the skin normally, normal perspiration. When taking a shower, pay attention to the cleaning of the vulva, but do not wash the vulva or take a bath, otherwise it is easy to cause infection. After showering, be sure to dry your body to avoid catching cold. Special attention should be paid to the protection of teeth during pregnancy and childbirth, because the loss of calcium in the mother's body is more serious. So wash your mouth after meals and brush your teeth before going to bed.

5. Do not use a hair dryer after shampoo.

Not even hot air. The best way is to air dry.

6. If you feel weak, you can also take a bath.

If you feel that you can't take a shower, don't force yourself to do so. You can ask your family to help you take a warm bath in the morning and evening, and then wash your hair and feet.

7. No visits.

New mothers need a certain time to adapt to the new life after childbirth, so it's best to decline the visit of relatives and friends during the month, so as to avoid people making indoor air dirty, or bringing bacteria and viruses, threatening the health of mothers and children. You can receive the blessing of your friends by phone or on the Internet. Don't forget to send your baby's photos to your friends or put them on the Internet so that you can share your happiness!

8. Sleep.

You should sleep 8-10 hours a day during the month. Even if the baby can't sleep well at night because of sucking or crying, it is necessary to seize the time to rest during the day while the baby is sleeping.

9. If you feel too hot to sleep, you can use straw mat.

The straw mat is cool but also gentle. Never use mahjong mat.

10. Intimacy should be avoided during the month.

The intimate behavior between husband and wife should wait until the wife's body is completely recovered. Early recovery of sexual life, as the wound in the uterus has not yet recovered, it is easy to lead to puerperal infection, and even cause chronic pelvic inflammation and other adverse consequences.

Through the above introduction, we have a good understanding of the precautions for sitting on the moon in summer. That is to say, women who sit on the moon in summer can't blow, even in the heat, they can't open the window, and at the same time, they are all reasonably matched in diet, which is conducive to the absorption of body nutrition and helps the recovery of the body.