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What are the advantages of banana peel? What are the functions of banana peel

we usually throw the banana skin away after eating the banana. Few people know that the banana skin contains rich nutrition. The banana skin has a very good cosmetic effect on our skin. Let's take a look at it

1. Banana skin is good for moistening skin For people who are prone to dryness on their face, the inner side of the banana peel can be directly wiped on the face. After wiping evenly, the banana peel can be removed, or the banana peel can be directly dried on the face. After about ten minutes, the banana juice on the face will be washed with water, and then the dry and rough skin will become moist and smooth.

2. Banana skin has the advantages of freckle removing. Banana skin contains vitamin A and vitamin C, which has a good cosmetic effect, can inhibit the melanin deposition in the skin, and has the advantages of removing the skin spots. Every time after eating the banana, wipe the face with the inside of the banana skin, or just wipe the spots. Wash them out in ten minutes. As long as you can stick to the banana skin for a long time, the spots on your face will disappear slowly.

3. Banana skin has whitening benefits. Banana skin has whitening effect. You can apply the leftover banana skin on your face directly, but the coverage area is not large, so you can mash the banana skin, mix some water to apply on your face, and wash it off after 15 minutes, so the skin will become white and bright for a while.

4. Banana skin has the advantages of firming and anti wrinkle. Do not throw away the banana skin after eating every time. It can be used to wipe the face for ten minutes and then wash it off. It has a very good improvement effect on the skin problems such as pore coarseness, looseness and fine lines. It can effectively tighten the skin, make the skin soft and elastic, and also smooth the fine lines.