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What are the causes of oral ulcer? How fast is it

Sihaiwang: oral ulcer is also called "aphtha". When the ulcer is in the attack stage, it will have severe pain and burning pain. When the oral ulcer develops to a more serious stage, it will affect daily life, such as eating, drinking water and speaking, which will cause great inconvenience to life.

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of causes of oral ulcer. To prevent oral ulcer, we should start with these four causes:

1. Studies have confirmed that 40% of patients with oral ulcer will have digestive system diseases or the risk of digestive system diseases, such as (gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, various enteritis, etc.), and some patients with oral ulcer have the same clinical manifestations as digestive system diseases, such as (abdominal distention, nausea, dry stool), etc. So oral ulcer is more or less related to digestive system diseases. To prevent oral ulcer, we must first prevent the occurrence of digestive system diseases.

2. Lack of nutrients: some doctors will recommend vitamin B2 for patients with oral ulcer. This is because vitamin deficiency can also cause oral ulcer. In addition, if some trace elements are not enough in daily life (calcium, iron, zinc, folic acid), there will also be the risk of oral ulcer. Therefore, to supplement various vitamins and trace elements is also to prevent oral ulcer For example, do not pick food, eat more fruits and vegetables, and actively participate in outdoor activities.

3. Keep oral hygiene clean: brush your teeth on time, change your toothbrush regularly, and pay attention to your oral health. If you don't clean your mouth for a long time, it will cause the growth of bacteria in your mouth. When the growth of bacteria exceeds a certain amount, it will cause infection, which will lead to inflammation and ulcer. For example, Helicobacter pylori can cause halitosis and stomach diseases.