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What is the meaning of one page open book examination is a headache for students. Many colleges and universities have made many reforms in this matter. For example, Zhejiang University's "one page open book" examination mode allows examinees to take a short copy of this examination room. How about this?

What is the meaning of one page opening

"One page open book", also known as "half open book", is a test mode that allows students to bring a piece of paper for the course content of the calligraphy test into the test room.

As early as 2003, Zhejiang University of technology has begun to try this "one page open book" examination mode.

This kind of "half open book" examination form is that the teacher informs the students of the contents and scope of the examination in advance, and then issues a piece of examination paper to let the students write the knowledge points within the scope of the examination. During the examination, the students are allowed to bring the paper of the contents of the course of the handwritten examination into the examination room.

How do our students cope with such a test mode when there are policies and countermeasures? In an interview, the students of Zhejiang University of Technology said that she stayed up late to copy more than 3 o'clock on the first day, more than 12 o'clock on the second day, and finished it early in the morning on the third day. Almost 10000 or 20000 words were written, and thousands of words were used in the final examination.

How about opening one page of the college exam

For the open book examination mode in the university examination, many netizens make complaints about it. The more you dare to copy the exam, the more difficult it is! It's the old saying: the most profound way is the teacher's routine.

But in fact, this one page open book examination mode emphasizes the summary and application of knowledge, focusing on the cultivation of knowledge ability, rather than rote learning. Most of them are used in non science and engineering examinations.

Generally, it is not allowed to copy, print or paste paper according to the regulations. It is allowed to write on the specified paper. There is no upper limit for the number of words.

Have a netizen to copy 'one page opens a volume' have a feeling: who am I? Where? What is the meaning that I copy so much?

However, it can only be hand copied but not printed. This task amount is not small for the learning slag. Students are actually reviewing when they are making the 'short copy', and the unfamiliar knowledge points are basically over once.