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How about grapefruit for coughing? What are the prescriptions for coughing

How about grapefruit for bronchitis and cough

In winter, it is particularly easy to have bronchial diseases. The most annoying thing is cough. When coughing, besides taking medicine, what other foods and fruits can relieve cough? Can eating grapefruit relieve cough? What are the prescriptions for cough treatment? Let's get to know.

How about grapefruit for bronchitis and cough

You can eat grapefruit

1. Grapefruit is sweet and sour, cold and nontoxic. It can invigorate the spleen and stop coughing. It is especially suitable for those with stomach disease, dyspepsia, chronic bronchitis, cough and phlegm.

2. Grapefruit is fragrant, sweet and sour, cool and moist, rich in nutrition and high in medicinal value. It is also recognized by the medical community as the most effective fruit for dietotherapy. Teak and peel are also of practical value. According to traditional Chinese medicine, grapefruit is cold in flesh, sweet and sour in taste, and has the functions of relieving cough and asthma, clearing heat and phlegm, strengthening spleen and eliminating food, and relieving wine and troubles.

3、 Pummelo peel can be used to treat cough and asthma in the elderly. Grapefruit and pears are boiled together, mixed with honey or sugar, which has certain effect on Phlegm and cough.

4. Grapefruit can drain lung fire, children bronchitis can also eat grapefruit, you can also use grapefruit peel decoct soup, in order to add some ice sugar in the seasoning will be better, this treatment of cough is also very good.

What are the other ways to treat cough

1. 9 g of frost mulberry leaves, 9 g of Qianhu, 9 g of burdock, 6 g of raw licorice, 6 g of Platycodon, 6 g of Phoenix clothes, 4.5 g of Jade Butterfly, 6 g of Houttuynia, 30 g of wild buckwheat roots, 30 g of bergamot, 15 G. If there is fever, add Scutellaria and Geranium; if the phlegm is not good, add Zhishi and dianzhuli; if the sputum is clear, add winter melon seeds and white mustard seeds; if there is asthma, add honey to burn ephedra and earthworm; if there is yellow phlegm, add wilted skin and Fritillaria. Zhisou powder can cure all kinds of coughs.

2. Platycodon grandiflorum (stir fried), Schizonepeta Ziyuan (steamed), 100 parts (steamed), 1000 grams of liquorice (stir fried), 360 grams of tangerine peel (washed to remove the white), 500 grams in total. Take 9g / serve, mix with boiling water, and take it lying down after eating; first feeling of wind and cold, mix with ginger soup.

3. 30 g Platycodon, 30 g Fritillaria, 30 g almond, 40 g Dilong, 50 g white mustard, 30 g broccoli, 2 g Scutellaria, 30 g poppy shell, 15 g yam, 30 G. A total of 257 g of the medicine was applied and made into 60 bags, each bag about 4 g, 3 times a day, 1-2 bags each time.

4. Maidong 9 g, Suye 6 g, Fuling 9 g, Xuanshen 6 g, licorice 3 G, Scutellaria 2.4G, tianmendong 9 g, Donghua 1.5g, Beimu 3 g.

5. Dangshen 10 g licorice 8 g dried ginger 10 g Anemarrhena 10 g burdock 8 g raw ground (slice) 20 g Dilong 10 g Scutellaria 10 g jujube 12 (split).

Through the above few paragraphs to a simple introduction, I believe that everyone for eating grapefruit is good for coughing, this problem should have a new understanding of it! I also want to explain that we should not rely on antibiotics too much when treating cough. We can eat more seasonal fruits and strengthen outdoor aerobic exercise at the same time, so as to keep cough away from us.