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What are the nutritional value of quail eggs? How to make quail eggs delicious I think you are not new to quail eggs. This is one of the diets we often eat in our life. Of course, some people like quail eggs, but some people in our life don't like quail eggs very much. Maybe they don't like this taste. Maybe they don't think it's nutritious. They think it's small. So what's the nutrition of quail eggs? The following is the nutrition of quail eggs introduced by relevant people. I hope you can balance the nutrition in your daily life and try not to be picky. After all, the nutrition of quail eggs is relatively high.

1. Quail eggs contain protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. The content of lecithin in quail eggs is 3-4 times higher than that in eggs.

2. Quail eggs are rich in lecithin and cephalin, which are indispensable nutrients for high-level nerve activities and have the function of brain building.

3. Quail eggs have a complete range of amino acids, rich halos, and high-quality phospholipids, hormones and other essential components of human body. The contents of iron, riboflavin and vitamin A are about twice higher than those of the same amount of eggs, while cholesterol is about one third lower than that of eggs.

4. quail eggs also contain vitamin P and other substances that can reduce blood pressure, which is a good tonic for patients with cardiovascular disease.

5. Quail eggs have smaller nutrition molecules, which are more easily digested and absorbed by human body than eggs.

Quail eggs are very common in our life, and they are delicious in our life. Many people like them, but some people may think that they have no nutrition, so they don't particularly like to eat them. What's the nutrition of quail eggs? The following is a detailed introduction to this problem. I hope you can pay enough attention to it, because the nutrition of quail eggs is still relatively high. It is suggested that you can eat them in proper amount.