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Effect and function of Ajiao yellow rice wine can Ajiao yellow rice wine slow down aging

Many female friends are very familiar with Ejiao. Ejiao is an effective tonic for Qi and blood. It has a good therapeutic effect on symptoms such as deficiency of Qi and blood, weakness of the body after childbirth and cold. Many people know that rice wine is very good at making donkey hide gelatin, so what are the advantages of rice wine? Let's get to know with Xiaobian today.

Effect and function of rice wine soaked with donkey hide gelatin

According to the theory of health care of traditional Chinese medicine and the concept of modern scientific health care, taking donkey hide gelatin as the raw material, supplemented with jujube, wolfberry, longan, tangerine peel and other plant materials, the ultra-fine crushing high-tech processing method is boldly adopted in the process, so that the texture of animal and plant materials can be fully improved and brought into play, and it is added to the traditional yellow wine for CO fermentation and aging, which not only retains the nutrition and function of the product It is natural and easy to be absorbed by human body. The beneficial components of glucose, maltooligosaccharide, amino acids, vitamins and flavonoids in Ejiao yellow rice wine were well preserved. It can nourish blood, cool blood, remove blood stasis and stop bleeding. Indications: blood deficiency has various blood syndromes of blood stasis and heat.

Rice wine soaked with donkey hide gelatin is a good recipe for health, health care and anti-aging of rice wine, and it also has certain benefits for women's beauty. Ejiao can obviously improve the anti-aging ability of human skin cells. But its anti-aging effect is not limited to this, Ejiao also has the ability to improve the sod vitality of skin cells, so that the skin has more sod to carry forward the antioxidant effect, and then carry forward the anti-aging function. Therefore, donkey hide gelatin can improve the content and external antioxidant ability of skin cells, and then make skin cells more healthy and not easy to aging.

It also contains a lot of calcium, which is essential for the health care of the middle-aged and the elderly. In addition, it can also promote the reception of calcium through the effect of glycine, improve the balance of calcium in the body, and then improve the aging diseases of the middle-aged and the elderly due to the lack of calcium.

Through understanding, we believe that we have known about the efficacy and function of Ejiao yellow rice wine. If you need it, you can take it in an appropriate amount every day, but you need to be careful not to drink too much to cause the symptoms of fire. In addition, when buying donkey hide gelatin, we must pay more attention to it. We should use proper purchase channels to prevent buying fake goods.