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How to keep healthy in the dog days Sanfu is hot every day. It's the hottest time of the year. It's also a good time to keep fit. So how to keep fit in Sanfu? Which people are suitable for Sanfu?

How to keep healthy in the dog days

Sleep at night and rise early

Summer is characterized by a long day time and a short night time. The human body should also adapt to the laws of nature. At night, it can sleep a little later and get up earlier in the morning. The reasonable sleep time in summer should be: 22:00-23:00 for bedtime and 5:30-6:30 for getting up. If you can't go to bed early at night, a proper lunch break is a good adjustment.

The time of summer nap is generally 30 minutes to 1 hour, too short to achieve the purpose of the nap, and too long will not only make people dizzy, limb weakness, but also affect the quality of sleep at night.

Peace keeping meditation

Summer belongs to fire, corresponding to the heart, so in the hot summer, we should pay attention to the cultivation of the mind.

It is pointed out in the book "the four vital factors regulating the spirit" that 'to make the mind free from anger, to make Huaying beautiful, and to let off the anger. If you love outside, this summer's Qi should be used, and the way to grow up is also needed'. That is to say, in summer, we should be energetic, happy, broad-minded and energetic. Just like the blooming flowers need sunshine, we should have a strong interest in the outside world, cultivate an optimistic and outgoing character, so as to facilitate the release of Qi.

Invigorating the spleen and dampness

As the saying goes, spring sleeps, autumn sleeps and summer sleeps. Especially in summer, when it's dog days, people always feel drowsy and lack of appetite. This is what people usually call "long summer". Long summer belongs to the earth in the five elements, corresponding to the spleen of the five organs of traditional Chinese medicine, and the spleen is the most evil, wet and dry, so long summer often suffers from spleen and stomach disease, resulting in anorexia, diarrhea and other symptoms.

To get rid of dampness, an important health care measure of TCM is to strengthen the spleen first.

During the long summer, the dampness is heavy, and the spleen is mainly wet. The biggest characteristic of spleen dampness is that it makes the human body feel sleepy. Therefore, the biggest impact on the human body during the long summer is the poor digestive function of the spleen and stomach.

Invigorating the spleen and eliminating dampness. You can drink some porridge in the morning and evening, such as mountain medicine porridge, job's tears porridge, lotus seed porridge, etc. Moreover, because of the summer heat, you can add a little lotus leaf to the porridge (such as job's tears porridge) which has the effect of invigorating the spleen and eliminating dampness, so as to increase the effect of clearing away heat and heat, nourishing the stomach, clearing the intestines and promoting the production of fluid to quench thirst.

Nourishing yang to exorcise evil spirits

Although the temperature is high in summer, we still need to take care of the body's Yang. It is often said that "Yang is raised in spring and summer". Yang Qi is the motive force of human beings. It fluctuates with the alternation of seasons, sun and moon. In summer, Yang Qi is vigorous and often floats outside. It is vulnerable to external evils. If you sweat, you will lose Yang. In other words, in the hot summer, it is generally not suitable to carry out a lot of sports, after which water and nutrients should be added in time.

Independent of air conditioning

Air conditioning disease is the most common and easily neglected disease in modern society. For most people, especially joint patients, summer should avoid the cool, do not or moderate use of air conditioning and fans. In the workplace, you should tell your colleagues about your illness to get their understanding. Try not to use air conditioning or properly raise the temperature. It's best to always have a long sleeved garment, which can be added or subtracted at any time according to the external environment.

Seven kinds of people have a good time to keep healthy in the dog days

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that "tongs" should be used and "tongs" should be used as supplements to dredge the six internal organs, open up the Qi mechanism, and promote clearing and reduce turbidity. Therefore, in the course of a year, before the summer solstice and autumn, it is not appropriate to make up for it. Three volt days should be based on diet. The doctor suggested that the diet in summer should be based on clearing the heart and preventing heatstroke, nourishing yin and promoting fluid production. In addition, in summer, the appetite is decreased, and the function of spleen and stomach is relatively slow. If you eat too much fat, sweet and greasy food, it will damage your stomach and spleen, affect the digestion and absorption of nutrition, and damage your health. Traditional Chinese medicine divides people's constitution into seven categories: peaceful quality, phlegm dampness quality, Yang deficiency quality, Qi deficiency quality, yin deficiency quality, damp heat quality, Yang heat quality and so on.

Peaceful quality

This kind of person is fat, thin, well proportioned, strong and powerful, with bright eyes and full of energy. The principle of health preservation is to coordinate Yin and Yang, unblock Qi and blood, and promote metabolism. There is no breed taboo in diet.

Phlegm dampness

This kind of person's waist and abdomen are full of fat, and the limbs are heavy and tired, which should be mainly for regulating liver and regulating qi. On diet, it is suitable to eat such things as orange peel, rose, jasmine, hawthorn, etc., which are good for stomach, Qi and blood circulation.

Qi deficiency constitution

Such people are tired of limbs, soft muscles and do not like exercise. Those with deficiency of Qi should be given priority to invigorating the spleen and lung, and more careful to avoid wind evils. The food should be gentle and warm, such as yam, longan meat, lotus seed, etc.

Yang deficiency constitution

Such people are afraid of cold, body temperature, often feel the back and knee joint below the cold. People with Yang deficiency should mainly warm the spleen and kidney and exercise. Suitable for warm food, such as litchi, longan, mutton, etc.

Hygrothermal substance

This kind of person's skin color is more yellow, has' turbid 'but not fresh feeling. The main methods of recuperation are strengthening the spleen, removing dampness, soothing the liver and benefiting the gall. Food should be light and dehumidified, such as winter melon, balsam pear, mung bean, job's tears, kelp, etc.

Yang heat substance

This kind of human body is strong, with ruddy complexion and strong voice. The main way of recuperation is to produce body fluid and nourish yin. It is advisable to eat more fruits and vegetables, especially cucumbers, balsam pear, watermelon, pears, apples, sugar and so on.

Yin deficiency

Most of them are thin or long people, who are afraid of heat, hot hands and feet, dry skin or oily skin. The principle of health preservation is to nourish yin, reduce fire, calm and calm nerves, and to regulate diet and mind. In food, it is not suitable to eat warm, spicy and fragrant food. It is suitable for eating fresh and moist things, such as grapes, pears, balsam pear, cucumbers, etc.