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Do you like his nine performances at a glance

with the marriage of friends around you and the birth of children, are you a little worried when you get old? So the question is, first of all, how to make sure that the other side likes themselves? Let's follow Xiaobian to have a look

1. Chat with people who like you and say that they have gone to the bath and will come back to chat with you after a while. Talk to people who don't like you. It's like they die in the bath.

2. There are endless topics to talk with people who like you. I wish I could talk for 25 hours a day. Chatting with people who don't like you always seems to be investigating your account, and they are extremely reluctant to cooperate with your investigation.

3. Date someone who likes you, and they will come to you alive. When dating someone who doesn't like you, she will say many times that she's not feeling well and just wants to rest at home. More times, you will think that she has terminal illness.

4. Talk to a girl who likes you at a glance, you will feel like bathing in the spring breeze. Pick up a conversation with a girl who doesn't like you at a glance. The other party turns around and runs like a wolf.

5. I'm having trouble with people who like you. Just coax them. If you quarrel with someone who doesn't like you, you will find that you have offended her family when you coax her.

6. Hand in hand with someone who likes you, she will hold your hand tightly and occasionally lean on your shoulder. Hand in hand with someone who doesn't like you. Her hand is loose. You can walk like walking a dog.

7. With people who like you, she will be willing to approach you, play with you, and contact with you. With people who don't like you, she won't want to have physical contact with you. If you touch her, she is like you owe her black bean money.

8. The person who really likes you will not want to put other girls. People who don't like you will look at other girls in front of you and say that the girl is more punctual, who is more sexy. So what he likes is the punctual, the sexy, not you.

9. Finally, if a person likes you, he will try to let you know that he is interested in you. If you keep guessing whether he likes you or not, he doesn't like you.