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Seven ways to prevent cervical spondylosis facing the computer for a long time and keeping the same posture for a long time, our body will have the phenomenon of ache, and there will be noise when twisting the neck, so be careful of cervical spondylosis! So what's the matter with noise when twisting the neck? How to prevent cervical spondylosis?

Is neck activity noisy cervical spondylosis

It may be caused by excessively bowing your head to play with your mobile phone or sleeping incorrectly. It's better to improve sitting posture and relax a little. In the long run, we should consider whether cervical vertebra disease.

Cervical spondylosis is mainly caused by deficiency of kidney qi, blockage of channels and collaterals, which is difficult to be cured by general drugs. Conventional treatment methods such as operation, closure, traction, physical therapy, infrared, massage, massage, acupuncture and manual reduction have no definite effect. Some treatment methods may lead to aggravation of the disease, even disability. There are many very effective and unique treatment methods in the long-term clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine. It is recommended that you use traditional Chinese medicine Chuanshanlong, xuedanhua, blood dragon, frankincense, myrrh, Shengdi, Guiwei in Western Sichuan, Honghua in Western Sichuan, chuanxiong, red peony, extensional herbs, qiannianjian, Yikou Zhong, black medicine, Qingfengteng, jixueteng, papaya, eucommia, Psoralea, Psoralea, dodder, Xiangfu, Yujin, zhengjinqi The curative effect is fast and definite. These drugs can be used together to nourish the liver and kidney, fill the essence and marrow, strengthen the muscles and bones, dredge channels and activate collaterals, reduce swelling and pain, so as to achieve the purpose of both the specimen and the treatment.

What's wrong with the noise of twisting your neck

Many people mistakenly think that the sound of cervical vertebra is the sound of cervical vertebra. If this is the case, your cervical vertebra is already in pain.

In fact, cervical spine noise is caused by muscle strain. When the neck muscle strain, there will be some local inflammatory reaction, the inflammatory reaction will make the sliding between the muscles is not so smooth, it will make a sound.

Because modern people work and normal daily life, keep the same posture for a long time, watch computers, mobile phones, drive and other bad habits, neck muscles can not be relaxed for a long time, there will be disorder and strain, thus inducing cervical spondylosis!

Cervical spondylosis is not a serious disease, but it will bring some serious consequences & hellip;

How to relieve shoulder and neck pain

1. Correct your posture

The cure is the cure, so our sitting posture is very important in our daily life. Incorrect sitting posture will cause pressure on the cervical spine, which is the root of inducing pain. Whether walking or sitting, we should straighten our bodies, not only bringing us health but also beauty.

2. Choose the right pillow

Adjusting the height and hardness of the pillow can effectively relieve the shoulder and neck pain. Clinically, the high pillow is the main cause of cervical spondylosis.

How to choose pillows for ordinary people?

Generally speaking, people who are used to lying on their back should have a high fist, while those who are used to sleeping on their side should have a high fist and a half. In short, it is not suitable to reach the height of one and a half fists. In addition, the pillow is too hard, too soft, there are security risks, choose the harder is good for human health.

The best choice of pillow core material is the one with moderate elasticity and bearing capacity.

3. Exercise and stretch

Both office workers and students should remember not to sit in front of the computer for too long, or even maintain only one posture. This is easy to cause cervical injury. After a period of work or study, you should stand up and exercise for a while, do stretching exercises, look at the distance, and move your hands and feet. Not only relax yourself, but also improve your work efficiency.

'meter' exercise (only suitable for healthy people with cervical fatigue)

Every day, do the meter exercise, that is, top left, top right, left, bottom right and head movement. The action should be gentle, do not use too much force, do it once or twice a day, to feel the head, neck and shoulder light and comfortable, so that the cervical spine will not deteriorate.

In addition, more exercise is needed to enhance muscle activity and toughness in order to effectively avoid neck and shoulder pain. Among them, swimming and yoga are the best ways to exercise the cervical spine.

4. warm and hot compress

This method can improve blood circulation, relieve muscle spasm, eliminate swelling and relieve symptoms.

When you feel stiff neck and shoulder pain, you can apply hot towel and hot water bag and sealed cup for half an hour to get hot. However, it is limited to chronic pain and should not be treated with warm compress when the pain symptoms of patients in acute stage are severe.

5. Medicine and physical therapy

The analgesic, plaster and vitamin (such as B1 and B12) can be used selectively to relieve the symptoms. If the symptoms of cervical pain are very serious, you can have a reasonable massage under the guidance of a professional doctor, and cooperate with the doctor to find a suitable treatment.

Seven ways to prevent cervical spondylosis

First, studies have shown that people who suppress feelings for a long time, do not expose when they are in trouble, and those who are sentimental are prone to neurasthenia, which will affect the rest of bones, joints and muscles. In the long run, neck and shoulders are prone to pain. Therefore, we should always keep optimistic and positive mood.

Second, in daily life, we should pay attention to maintaining the correct posture of the head and neck, do not lean and shrug, read books and operate computers with a positive gaze to maintain the integrity of the spine. When sleeping should choose suitable pillow, should not be too high or too low, general pillow with the height of 10 cm is appropriate. Don't lie reading or watching TV.

Third, sit as little as possible and move as much as possible. Do not ride if you can walk, and do not ride if you can ride. Especially for those who have cars and have been sitting in the office for a long time, a certain amount of time should be taken out every day to exercise, especially to strengthen the muscles of neck and shoulder. They can do a front flexion, back extension and rotation of head and upper limbs, which can not only relieve fatigue, but also make muscles developed and toughness enhanced, which is conducive to the stability of cervical spine and enhance the ability of neck and shoulder to adapt to the sudden changes of neck. Climbing and swimming are effective in preventing cervical spondylosis.

Fourth, the long-term lying down workers should pay attention to the combination of movement and stillness. Every hour or so of work, they should stand up to do the workshop exercises, move their limbs and cervical vertebrae, eliminate the fatigue of neck muscles and ligaments, and prevent the strain.

Fifthly, pay attention to keeping warm at ordinary times, do not use electric fan and air conditioner to blow directly, pay attention to neck protection when riding or moving, and avoid sharp turning, sudden braking or sudden turning of neck.

Sixth, we should prevent drinking too much. Alcohol will affect the calcium deposition on the bone, make people prone to osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and accelerate cervical degeneration.

Seventh, traditional Chinese medicine believes that walnut, Cornus, Shengdi, black sesame have the function of Tonifying the kidney and marrow, and can be taken in a reasonable amount under the guidance of doctors, so as to strengthen the muscles and bones and delay the degeneration of kidney and joints.