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What movies did modern brother Liu Yuning play? Where did modern brother live the modern brothers have become popular on the Internet. They can sing and are handsome. They have more than ten million fans. Where are the modern brothers live? What is their real identity?

Liu Yuning is not only the lead singer of modern brothers band, but also the actor. He once starred in such big online films as "Qin thief has a way", "secret imprisonment", "class 952" and so on. In 2017, Liu Yuning took part in the host network movie "Qin thief has a way" jointly produced by Shenzhen entertainment and Media Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Yuxi film and television media Co., Ltd., playing a long. In the movie, he competed fiercely for the jade bracelet and lanmengsha. With the extremely attractive passion play and the action play of close combat, he brought the audience a wonderful view Feel experience.

Where is the modern brothers live

Room number is 4528 18:30-21:30 per day, oh, in Anton street, Dandong (Wanda diagonal opposite), usually 6:30 pm tiktok live, sometimes a little late, shaking accounts is: 61791822.

Personal introduction of modern brother Liu Yuning

Tiktok tiktok tiktok is a very loud combination of jitter. He is a anchors in YY. Recently, playing the jitter has gained a lot of attention from fans. He looks handsome and sunny, and his voice is charming. He likes to go to YY to love his live room, and also can see new videos on the jitter. There are still many beautiful pictures on micro-blog.

He has been singing many songs on the flick and is burning. He is a very powerful singer. Now, at least tens of thousands of videos can be obtained from every video. Tiktok is good at making live and video on various occasions.

Netizens said: just because of the song my friend recommended, I never escaped the charm of my little brother. On the boring way of postgraduate entrance examination, my little brother's voice is no longer boring. Yes, I really like my little brother. His name is Liu yunning, and he is the main singer of modern brothers.

In the many versions of the pop songs, tiktok, a modern music from the music group, has been moving and popular, and has sung many memories. By netizens, it is rated as the best version of the time. It is better than the original song 100 times. With the strength of the most popular song in the network, the modern brothers' short story video is more popular than 100000+, and the point is more than 9000+.

Modern brothers tiktok personal information

Tiktok: MD4528

Age: 28 Name: Liu Yuning

Constellation: Capricorn

Location: Dandong, Liaoning