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Schedule of 2018 World Cup finals how many days are left before the end of 2018 Russia world cup? In the remaining few days, how is the schedule of 2018 World Cup finals arranged? Let's have a look.

This year's world cup is coming to an end. As of July 15, it will be the last big match of the world cup. There are only less than two weeks left. Many fans say, 'the world cup is over, and the whole people feel empty. 'this may be an emotion that other people can't feel, so cherish every next game of your favorite stars.

The final schedule of 2018 World Cup comes to July 6, 2018 with the countdown time. There is a quarter final at 10:00 tonight, Uruguay vs. France; the quarter final at 2:00 am on July 7 is Brazil vs. Belgium; the quarter final at 10:1 pm on July 7, Sweden vs. England; the quarter final at 2:00 am on July 8, Russia vs. Croatia.

How much is the ticket for the World Cup final

When the time goes to July 11, it means that the world cup has come to the semi-finals. On July 11, at 02:00 a.m., 57 winners - 58 winners in the semi-finals; at 02:00 a.m., 59 winners - 60 winners in the semi-finals; at 22:00 on July 14, 34 finalists - 61 losers - 62 losers; at 23:00 a.m., 15 July, 61 winners - 62 winners in the finals.

Tickets for the World Cup finals have been snapped up a long time ago. According to Xiaobian, tickets for the finals were once fried to 100000 yuan by scalpers. But in fact, previous reports have also shown that the most expensive tickets for the final are 6800 yuan, and the cheapest are less than 1000 yuan. Of course, ticket grabbing on the official website is like Spring Festival. The third stage of ticket selling will not end until July 15, during which there will be a small number of excess tickets and fans' refunds released, which can be continuously swiped on the official website.