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What are the medicinal value of snow Chrysanthemum

Everyone is familiar with chrysanthemum tea. Chrysanthemum tea can help us to beautify and beautify our face. It's more suitable for women's friends to drink. There are many kinds of chrysanthemums, including one called snow chrysanthemum, which is also a common kind of chrysanthemum. What are the effects and functions of snow chrysanthemum

snow chrysanthemum is a very common plant in the northwest of our country. The local environment is very natural and there is no pollution. Therefore, snow chrysanthemum contains many beneficial ingredients. There are also many functions and taboos of blood chrysanthemum tea. You should have more solutions when drinking.

Medicinal efficacy

According to the long-term experimental study:

1. Taking Xueju for a long time can obviously reduce the blood pressure of patients with high pressure, make the high pressure return to normal, and have a better effect of reducing high pressure;

2. Xueju can obviously reduce triglyceride and cholesterol in serum, and has a better effect on lowering blood lipid. After taking Xueju for seven days, the content of triglyceride (TG) in the serum of hyperlipidemia was significantly reduced.

[discussion of various schools]: outline of Xinhua materia medica: whole grass: sweet taste, plain nature. It has the functions of clearing away heat, detoxifying and moistening. It is used for acute and chronic dysentery, red swelling pain, damp heat dysentery, dysentery, etc.

Chrysanthemum tea should not be too much

In the "food micro fat list" released by the World Health Organization at the end of 2008, tea fat is called the best micro fat in the world, green tea, black tea and oolong tea are all included in it, but chrysanthemum tea, which is well known and often drunk by Chinese people, is not included in it.

It is understood that the content of micro fat in chrysanthemum tea is only 0.9%, which has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying together with flavonoids in chrysanthemum. However, studies have shown that the trace fat in chrysanthemum tea may make the human body cold and reduce immunity. Experts stressed that some tea belongs to the property of clearing away heat and detoxification, which should be drunk in the period of cold or infection. If you drink too much at ordinary times, your constitution will become more and more deficient and cold. Chrysanthemum tea belongs to cold nature, which is not suitable for the "Yang deficiency constitution" referred to in traditional Chinese medicine and cannot be drunk in large quantities for a long time. In addition, if people with allergic constitution want to drink chrysanthemum tea, they should make one or two first, and then make more if there is no problem.

Drinking method

Choose the mineral water with low hardness, the water temperature is suitable to be brewed immediately after boiling; choose the transparent glass or pot as the best tea set to see the color of the soup. When the color of the soup is red, you can drink it, and the water can be continued for many times without reducing the taste. Snow chrysanthemum soup is amber red. It is the only chrysanthemum tea in red soup nowadays. It has a light fragrance of medicine and the taste of superior black tea. It has a lingering fragrance, a sweet and mellow mouth, and a special taste.

Common sense

Snow chrysanthemum has five functions, including regulating three highs, reducing weight and beautifying, anti bacteria and anti-inflammatory, nourishing myocardium, improving sleep quality, etc. it can be seen that pure natural wild snow chrysanthemum can be used as a health chrysanthemum tea drink for a long time.

Due to the poor growth environment of wild snow chrysanthemum at high altitude, dry flowers are generally broken. It's better to use a pot with a teapot for brewing. The pure wild snow chrysanthemum at high altitude has strong drug resistance. It's not allowed to drink too much according to personal physical conditions

(1) Cosmetology and beautification improve sleepers: 1-2g daily brewing, especially good for those who often suffer from insomnia.

(2) Health care prevention three high: Daily brewing 2-4G, can health care prevention three high.

(3) Three high patients: according to the individual three high condition, brew 4-6g every day, and drink in the morning and evening can effectively regulate the three high.

The above is an introduction about the effect and function of blood chrysanthemum. In fact, blood chrysanthemum can help us regulate the three highs, have certain effect on weight loss and beauty, and improve sleep quality, so drinking this kind of tea often is very good for our body. You can learn about the knowledge of chrysanthemum tea brewing 。