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Do not wear this kind of clothes in case of fire. How to escape in case of fire?

Don't wear this kind of clothes in the fire. You can't wear chemical fiber clothes in the fire! Why? Of course, I just want to let you know that cotton clothes are the best for your health in case of another fire, so you must be prepared for fire prevention at ordinary times!

Xiaomei tip: nylon, polyester, acrylic fiber clothing in the fire, not only can't protect you, but also may rapidly expand the burn area because of the dripping effect!

If there is a fire, if there is water, first of all, wet your clothes. Secondly, like sportswear, outdoor clothing and composite fabrics, they are all made of chemical fiber fabrics, which are easy to catch fire. Moreover, they melt into a gelatinous liquid. Even in water, it's not easy to get wet. It's usually a coat. It's used a lot. Cotton and hemp are much better. See the water and it's wet.

In case of fire, how to escape from the fire is merciless. In case of fire, keep a clear mind, seize every minute, and leave quickly. In case of being surrounded by fire, we should be more flexible and try to get out of danger.

1. When a fire is found in the building, do not panic or run around. Calmly explore the fire location, determine the wind direction, and quickly leave the fire area in the direction of the wind before the fire spread.

2. In case of fire, if the corridor is blocked by fireworks, the door and indoor ventilation hole shall be closed immediately to prevent smoke. Then use a wet towel to block the mouth and nose to prevent inhalation of hot smoke and toxic gases, and wet the upward clothes to avoid burning. If there is only smoke and no fire in the corridor, a large transparent plastic bag can be put on the head to prevent the smoke from irritating the eyes and breathing in the respiratory tract, and the low posture of bending down can be used to escape from the fireworks area.

3. Never jump from the window. If the floor is not high, ropes can be used to lower it from the window to a safe area.

4. In case of fire, it is not allowed to take the elevator, because the elevator may break down or be burned at any time; it should run along the fire safety evacuation stairs toward the ground floor; when there is a risk of being trapped in the room by fire, as long as the fire is not very fierce, it must wrap the whole body with wet towel, wet quilt and other things and then rush out. If the smoke is too heavy, you can cover your mouth and nose with a wet mask or towel and crawl through the dangerous area. But if the fire is too fierce and you don't know the situation of the fire, don't rush out blindly. What you should do at this time is to lie on the ground and shout for help, so as to get timely rescue. You can also break the window glass of the stairwell and shout for help, so that the rescue personnel can know your exact location, so as to rescue. Try to inform the firefighters to come to the rescue. If you can't hear the cry, you can use a flashlight to shine it, or you can wave your bright clothes, towels and throw things downstairs. At the same time, all the holes that can penetrate into the flame and smoke shall be closed, and the indoor water source shall be fully used for self rescue.