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What disease does Lenin treat? Why is Lenin so expensive in China

What's wrong with Lenin? Why is Lenin so expensive in China Recently, everyone has been swiped by the movie "I'm not the God of medicine". I'm not the God of medicine "is a rare type of film in recent years, which has aroused widespread praise from the society. Among the films, the priceless medicine Lenin is widely discussed by many people, so why is Lenin so expensive? What disease does Lenin treat? Let's have a look.

Why is Lenin so expensive

The reason lies in the fact that manufacturers are monopolistic in this kind of medicine. In order to promote their own interests, many businesses have high priced medicine. It is their own business that the poor can't afford it, and they will die without money. These are very realistic. The R & D right is in the hands of the capitalists, and the existence of high priced medicine is just like this.

We can see that the material cost and time cost of developing a new drug are very huge. In fact, except for the few giant pharmaceutical companies with a long history in the world, few companies have the ability to develop a new drug independently. So, it's understandable that the special drugs that big pharmaceutical companies have worked hard to make are more expensive? After all, we need enough profits to develop the next new drug!

But when Cheng Yong went to India to buy the middle-class movie, he found that the price of the medicine was several times different. Why? Why is Lenin cheap in India?

In India's patent law, Novartis drugs are only recognized for their manufacturing process, not for their compounds.

Take Lenin for example.

What disease does Lenin treat

Glienin, imatinib mesylate tablets, indications - for the treatment of Philadelphia chromosome positive chronic myeloid leukemia (Ph + CML) in the chronic, accelerated or cataclysmic phase. There are two versions of Gleevec and imatinib mesylate, one is the Indian version of Gleevec, the other is the original version of Novartis Pharma in Switzerland. India's long-term use of Gleevec can produce drug resistance, but generally it is only 5-8 years after taking Gleevec that drug resistance occurs. Moreover, patients have not seen drug resistance for 10 years, and they are still working. Everything is normal.