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What should girls pay attention to when they are looking for a job?

The annual graduation season is coming. For students, they are about to enter a new environment and are faced with job hunting. The workplace social environment may be more complex than the school. Especially for girls, when they are looking for jobs, there may be some problems. What should girls pay attention to in the process of job hunting and how to ensure their safety? Today we are here To glance at.

1. First of all, many girls are relatively simple. They should first learn to identify the trap of illegal agents carefully. For those who collect training or physical examination fees, it's better to stay away from them. If they pay money, they may not be able to find people or provide jobs. Everyone must pay special attention.

2. In the process of looking for a job, someone may throw an olive branch to you on the way or at the job fair. At this time, you should pay special attention to distinguish the truth from the fake. Don't follow strangers to a place you are familiar with, or you may have personal safety problems.

3. In addition, if you are looking for a job on the Internet, you should pay special attention when you submit your resume. You'd better remember the name of the company you have submitted, and don't accept their interview invitation lightly for the company you haven't submitted at all. Because some illegal intermediaries may obtain the contact methods of graduates through some improper channels, and then contact with graduates in the name of a company, propose an interview, and cheat money and property in the interview process. Pay special attention to this. Don't be fooled.

4. Some companies may have good names, attractive prospects, and may become stars. All of these are scams. So in the interview process, we should pay attention to that we may pay training fees after signing the contract. What's more, we should lure the candidates to shoot some bad films, and then we will threaten, cheat and cheat.

5. Before we go to the interview, we must understand the company's background on the Internet. We must first ask for the company name, address, business scope, recruitment position, contact method and other information. If you want to apply, you'd better call the other party first to confirm the authenticity of the company.

6. Finally, if the interview is successful, we may sign a contract. For the newly graduated girls, we need to understand the contents of the contract. The terms of the dynamic contract should include seven necessary terms, including the contract term, work content, labor protection and working conditions, labor remuneration, labor discipline, conditions for termination of the labor contract, and responsibility for violation of the labor contract. Do not sign incomplete contracts, otherwise there will be danger.