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What happened to Alipay? What is the impact of Alipay micro communications being incorporated on use

What is going on with Alipay? In August 4th, a document from the central bank brought a huge earthquake to the 'network payment business' of' non bank payment agencies'. After all the Internet payment must be carried out through Internet Federation, what will be the impact on Alipay and micro communications?

the central bank issued a dead order that all online payments should be made through Internet connection

In August 4th, the central bank announced that from June 30, 2018 onwards, the three party payment companies like Alipay and Fu Tong Tong handled the online payment services involving bank accounts, which must be handled through the "online payment platform".

Here is the document:

'the central bank has issued a dead order to the Internet connection, and it must complete the access, and the technology meets the requirements. Several giants actually expressed their support, but this time point was earlier than expected ', a payment industry person who did not want to be named told reporters.

Payment institutions have begun to gradually promote business migration. The reporter learned from a large payment institution in Shanghai that the payment institution plans to transfer 70% of the transaction volume to the Internet connection before the double 11 of this year, and realize the full migration by the end of this year.

What is the impact of all parties?

(1) user: the establishment of the Internet connection will not change the user's use of the third-party payment service. If the system is designed properly and performs well, the user experience will not be affected.

(2) payment company: the background clearing system changes, but does not affect the business, nor does it affect the settlement of funds (virtual account balance), while the bargaining position of the bank declines. The central bank can more efficiently monitor the business of payment companies and timely curb violations, which is expected to make the whole industry more standardized and orderly. With the opportunity of cleaning up and rectifying mutual funds, some black sheep whose businesses are not standardized may be accelerated to clean up, and the industry atmosphere will be renewed.

(3) Bank: in the original transaction mode, the user's transaction information is lost, which is not conducive to the secondary application and development of data. At present, the transaction information can be obtained by Internet connection, but it is not known whether the bank can work with the Internet to get the data. Since the central bank is in charge of the Internet connection, this possibility exists. If this is the case, the payment company's heart disease (loss of transaction information) to the bank will be solved.

(4) UnionPay: it means a long-term effort to take the clearing of online transaction of bank card into its own and declare failure & hellip; & hellip; of course, it also means that there is no overlap between online transaction of UnionPay and inter-bank transfer of offline transaction of bank card, forming a pattern of river crossing and governance. The mood of UnionPay may be the same as that of the eldest son whose parents have just had a second child recently;

(5) Yang Ma: as mentioned above, push forward the positive connection mode to perform its financial work.