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The ancient poetry of Xiaoshu solar term proverb of Xiaoshu solar term (all)

At 11:47 today, the 11th solar term in the 24 solar terms and the fifth solar term in summer, Xiaoshu, will be ushered in. What are the verses about Xiaoshu in ancient poetry? How many folk proverbs about Xiaoshu? Let's get to know each other.

Ancient poems and verses about Xiaoshu solar term

Chasing the cool in summer night

[Southern Song Dynasty] Yang Wanli

It's still hot at night and hot at noon,

Open the door in the middle of the moon.

Where there are dense insects in deep bamboo trees,

Sometimes it's cool, not windy.

Poems about Xiaoshu

Mulberry tea tunnel

[Southern Song Dynasty] Yang Wanli

When it's sunny, windy and rainy,

The grass is full of flowers, the river is full of water.

Liu Yin is sleeping,

A cow has eaten liuyinxi.

Poems about Xiaoshu

Xiaochi by Yang Wanli

The spring is silent and cherishes the trickle,

The shade of the tree shines on the water, and the sun shines.

It's Xiaohe who has a sharp point,

A dragonfly has long been standing on its head.

Poems about Xiaoshu

Song & middot; Yang Wanli's "giving a forest to Jingci temple at dawn"

After all, in the middle of June in the West Lake,

The scenery is not the same as the four seasons.

The lotus leaves in the sky are green,

The lotus against the sun is different red.

Poems about Xiaoshu

The summer resort of Miaojue temple in Zhongfu

[Northern Song Dynasty] Mei Yaochen

The blue sky welcomes the cool day, and the square bed royal clothes.

Light stop jade Zhu, elegant Song Lane gold emblem.

The high trees sound early in autumn, and the long corridor is weak in summer.

He Shuo does not need to drink, boiling tea from forget to return.

Poetry of Xiaoshu solar term

The cool air

Qin Guan in the Northern Song Dynasty

Take the stick to catch the cool outside the willow,

On the South Bank of Huaqiao lies the Hu bed.

The ship's whistle rises in the moonlight,

The lotus is fragrant in the wind.

Summer in mountain Pavilion by Gao Pian

The trees are thick and the summer is long,

The building reflected into the pond.

The crystal curtain moves and the breeze rises,

A house full of roses.

Song & middot; Su Shi's book of drunkenness in Wanghu tower on June 27

The black clouds have not covered the mountains,

White rain jumped into the boat.

The wind came and blew away,

The water in Wanghu tower looks like the sky.

Wang Wei, Tang Dynasty

Accumulated rain empty forest firework late, steaming Chenopodium meal pay East.

White egrets fly in the fields of desert water, orioles sing in the trees in the cloudy summer.

In the mountains, I watched the morning hibiscus, and in the pines, I gathered the dew anemone.

Let's fight for seats with the old man. What's more doubtful about the seagull.

A tour of Zhangyuan in early summer by Dai Fugu

The water in the milk duck pond is shallow and deep, and the weather of ripe plum is semi cloudy and sunny.

The East Garden carries wine and the west garden is drunk. Pick a tree of loquat and gold.

Song & middot; Su Shi's Partridge Sky

The forest is broken, the mountain is clear, the bamboo is hidden, the cicada is waning, the grass is waning, and the pond is small.

Turning over the blank birds, you can see them all the time.

Outside the neighborhood, next to the ancient city. The Chenopodium is slowly turning into the twilight.

Last night, it rained three more hours, and we had to live a cool day.

On the proverbs of Xiaoshu

Small Summer Millet Yellow.

Xiaoshu eats mango.

A little heat makes a great heat.

After a little heat, it's three points a day.

South wind in small summer, drought in great summer.

Small summer thunder, big summer polder.

Small summer frightens the east wind, big summer frightens the red clouds.

On the first day of June, one thunder can crush nine units, and no thunder is the unit.

Big summer and small summer, rice is lazy to cook..

In case of drought, prepare for rain and waterlogging.

Both drought and flood control, drought and flood harvest two solid.

After a sleep, the drought turned into flood.

In the heat of summer, rats are killed.

June is like turning a cake.

Year by year flood prevention, month by month anti-theft.

Flood control work has been carried out early, and water will not be wasted.

No trenching in advance, no rainstorm.

Torrential rain filled the Bay and washed away the levees and weirs.

Before the rain, there is no drainage ditch, and the heavy rain ditch flows out.

The ditch was overflowing and the farmland was flooded.

Without dredging in advance, the water will not arrive.

The river is silted up and the water overflows.

There are no trees beside the ditch, so it's hard to protect when the water reaches the embankment.

Thousands of miles of dike, collapse in the ant nest.

People are afraid of temptation, and ponds are afraid of leakage.

No matter how hard the embankment is, rats can dig holes.

River burst like a waterfall, thousands of people difficult to block.

It's hot in the dog days, and the harvest is good.

On the proverbs of Xiaoshu

It's foggy and sunny in the morning.

It rains in the morning and clears up in the evening.

Ten fog, nine clear, not clear ditch full of flat.

It's cloudy for a long time.

Long rain, heavy fog, fine, long drought, heavy fog and rain.

When the fog disappears, clothes and hats will be dried; when the fog extends, it will be rainy.

Spring fog rain, summer fog heat, autumn fog cool wind, winter fog snow.

There is a sudden increase of no dew at ordinary times, and it will rain stars in the near future.

Night dew crazy, tomorrow good sun.

The greater the dew, the better the weather.

There is no dew on cloudy days and nights.

There is no dew in the windy night and no frost in the cloudy night.

The sun and rain, the moon and wind.

Three more rain, one day wind.

Rouge at sunrise, wind without rain.

The sun is setting and the basin is full.

Halo circle to noon, the wind and rain are lifted.

The sun is blue, red and green, and soon there will be rain.

The sun is covered with coir raincoat, and the rain tomorrow is bleak.

Big halo wind is urgent, small halo rain teacher is busy.

The moon is trapped. There must be a strong wind.

The moon is trapped in a circle, and the sky is full of strong winds.

The moon is hairy and the rain is torrential.

The stars blink, the rain is not far.

The stars wink, the wind comes.

See the stars in the long rain, the rain will be more crazy in the coming day.

The Big Dipper star flashed, not far away from the rain.

The stars are red and blue. It rained recently.

The stars are thin and coir raincoat is worn; the stars are dense and peeled.

If I see you at noon, I won't see you for three days.

One dew, the next enough.

One light, the next Zhang.

For a moment, next three.

The sun turned to smile, and could not wait for the chicken to crow.

There is no fine day at night, so we can't wait for the chicken.

There is no fine day in the night, but it is still raining in the Ming Dynasty.

First, there is no heavy rain, then there is no clear day.

There's a bubble in the rain, and there's going to be heavy rain.

The rain falls on a cone, and it falls into darkness.

The rain is like a nail, and it won't stop tomorrow.

June 6, watch the valley show.

Valley show three rain, everywhere is rice.

The valley is full of water.

Drag mud show valley.

Drag the mud to see xiugu.

The grain is the ear in the mud, and the wheat is the gold in the fire.

Wheat flowers need to be clear, rice flowers need to be rainy.

Wheat makes gold in fire, and rice makes seeds in mud.

Millet grows well, without water, it does not conceive.

There is no rain in the valley, no rice in the hoard.