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Is cold bath harmful to the body? What are the precautions for cold bath

Sihaiwang: in the hot summer, many people like to have a cold bath after sweating. But in fact, cold baths also need some skills. Then how to take a cold bath? What are the precautions for taking a cold bath? Let's take a look with Xiaobian~

How to take a cold bath

From the beginning of summer, keep going step by step; do a warm-up exercise before taking a cold bath, rub the skin with your hands for a few minutes, until you feel red and hot; in order to make your body adapt to the cold water slowly, it's not advisable to immerse yourself in the cold water at first. It's better to sprinkle some cold water on your body with your hands or shower head, or wet your hands and feet with cold water first, Soak some cold water in the towel to moisten the front chest and back, rub the body for a moment, then drench the cold water all over the body, dry the skin quickly until the skin turns red, which shows that it has a good effect if you feel chilly. If you feel chilly, you should shorten the shower time or increase the water temperature. The water temperature should not be too low, 5 ℃ - 25 ℃ is the best, and the time should not be too long, 10-15 minutes or so, and the longest time should not be more than half an hour. After washing, you should immediately put on a bath towel or robe, and immediately put on clothes to keep warm, so as not to catch cold.

Cold bath is best to exercise once in 1-3 days, but do not interval more than 1 week, persevere, you can get good exercise effect. The duration of cold bath should be from short to long. The initial time is about 10 minutes, and the body gradually adapts to it. It can take about 20 minutes.

The main points of taking a cold bath

From summer

People's skin and blood vessels need to adapt to the process, even if the psychological level, but also to buffer. It's easy to take a cold bath in summer and feel very cool. That starts in summer and continues to wash. After the natural transition of autumn, cold water washing in winter will not be particularly abrupt.

Adjust water temperature and duration

If you don't practice taking a cold bath from summer, don't wait until next year. You can slowly adjust the water temperature, first wash with warm water, and then adjust the water temperature to be cooler day by day. Until you can take a bath with cold water. Don't blindly immerse yourself in the joy of "success". Control the time. It will take about two minutes, and then extend it slowly. This is also done so that the body can adapt to the change.

From local to whole body

Before taking a cold bath, first wet your hands and feet with cold water, then wet your chest and back, and finally wash your whole body. Take the order of local first, then the whole body. This is to make the body have a process of adaptation. Recklessly immerse the body in cold water, the body can't stand it, the psychology can't stand it, so it's hard to keep going.

When is the best time to take a cold bath

People who have not taken a cold bath before, if they take a cold bath suddenly, they will contract their blood vessels, reduce their temperature, catch cold and cause a cold. So take a cold bath from the beginning of summer, from summer and autumn to winter, during which it is best not to interrupt.

Precautions for cold bath

Warm up first.

Just like exercise, you should warm up before taking a cold bath. You can move your body, or rub your skin with your hands for several minutes to make your skin a little red and hot. When rubbing, you can also massage the muscles and collaterals.

Not too long

The whole process from taking a cold bath to taking a cold bath can't be too long, about 10 minutes, not more than half an hour at most. If you often take a cold bath and you are in good physical condition, you can adopt the three warm ways of alternating hot and cold. The effect will be better, but you can try it only when you are in good physical condition.

Wash and keep warm

In addition to taking a cold bath for a long time, you should also immediately wrap a bath towel or put on a bathrobe after washing, and immediately put on clothes to keep warm so as not to catch cold.

First flush the limbs

In order to make the body adapt to the cold water slowly, when taking a cold bath, you should first flush and then bubble. When flushing, you should also pay attention to flushing for a few minutes from the hands, feet and limbs, and finally the chest, so as not to be too irritated. The body will not be able to bear it.

Additive essential oil

Take a cold bath for no more than 5 minutes. Add some essential oil to the bath. Dr. Andy Sun said that he likes to add a little mint to relax his body completely. After taking a cold bath in the evening, he can go to bed immediately and sleep soundly.

Discomfort to stop

When taking a cold bath, if you feel very cold and shivering, your skin continues to turn white, dizzy and other physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and never try to be brave.

In fact, whether it is a cold bath or a hot bath, it must meet its own conditions. It's not that taking a cold or hot bath is good for everyone. Generally speaking, as long as the skin temperature has not changed, there is no problem.