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What are the proverbs about Xiaoshu

Xiaoshu is the eleventh solar term in the 24 solar terms. It is hot. Xiaoshu is the beginning of Xiaore. So what are the proverbs about the solar term of summer heat? Let's have a look together.

A proverb about Xiaoshu

It's hot in the summer. It's hot after autumn.

In the heat of the day, I can't see the sun.

Little heat, big heat, little cold, big cold.

There is no scorching heat in the summer, and many grains do not knot.

In the summer, the sky is overcast, and gold is everywhere.

Heavy rain in summer, frost in a hundred days.

The rats drowned in the summer heat.

In the summer, the wind blows in autumn. After autumn, it's crazy.

Millet is eaten in the summer, and grain is eaten in the summer.

Xiao Shu is afraid of the east wind, while Da Shu is afraid of the red clouds.

In the summer, some rice would not cook at home.