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A few suggestions for fitness Xiaobai?

as soon as fitness Xiaobai enters the gym, he is easily bluffed by various fitness equipment. Looking at the coach's muscular development, I can't help but yearning. But everyone's physique is different. The author invites fitness experts to give some suggestions to fitness white for readers of this article.

1. Please take good care of your body. If fitness is due to external motivation, it is easy to disappear. For example, some people go to the gym to pursue their favorite people, and they don't work out after catching up or breaking up. Because cherish their own body, hope to have a healthy physique and body and fitness, strong sustainability.

2. It takes a long time to get a good figure. Sometimes it takes much longer than you think, so please have enough patience and tenacity for your own construction, and keep fit with the spirit of "dripping water through stone, sawing rope through wood".

3. Please don't compare your figure with others. If one's body is better than that of others, he is easy to be proud; if one's body is worse than that of others, he is easy to be jealous. These two mindsets are bad, so it is suggested to make a vertical comparison with yourself. This month is better than last month, which means success.

4. Don't trust the ads in the fitness industry. Most of the models are in good shape because of their genetic talent, or some people take steroids to make their muscles look good. But some fitness products and equipment are certainly not well publicized.

5. Fitness and health are not the same thing. System rate is very low, muscle is very big, very attractive, but does not represent health. Health is to have a flexible body, sufficient energy, good sleep and appetite.

6. Most supplements are useless. We must pay attention to the quality of things. Tonic is only to supplement the missing part of the environment. As the saying goes, medicine is better than food.

7. Continuous fitness is more important than fitness methods. Please don't seek some magic and fast method, please find a fitness method suitable for yourself to keep going, which will achieve good results.

8. Human habits are more important than innate genes. Under the age of 35, genes determine body shape and health; after 35, habits account for a larger proportion of this body shape and health. So, please cultivate good fitness habits.