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How many more years can you drive under the new age limit?

Sihaiwang: there are new regulations on the age limit of driver's license. Come to see the latest regulations on the age limit of driver's license. With the popularity of cars, more and more people have obtained driving licenses. C1 driving license has become one of the necessities for young people to enter the society. But most people don't understand the age regulations of the driver's license. Come and see how many years you can drive!

At present, China's driving license categories are: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, C1, C2, C3, C4, D, e, F, m, N, P, a total of 15 categories, and C1 is the most commonly used one in our life. In addition to C1, there are class A and B driver's licenses. What are the age limits of these licenses?

There are new regulations on the age limit of driver's license

C1 driver's license: C1 is the most common and popular driver's license in daily life, which can be obtained at the age of 18-70.

A1 driver's license: it can be said that it is the highest level driver's license in our country, which is very difficult to consider. However, once it is owned, it can drive all legal vehicles except agricultural vehicles and motorcycles and tractors that only A2 can drive, mainly large passenger cars. The age requirement of A1 driver's license is between 26-50 years old, which is relatively high.

A2 driving license: it is also a kind of relatively high requirement. Drivers of heavy-duty, medium-sized full and semi-trailer vehicles need this kind of driving license. A2 driving license needs to be between 24-50 years old, and must meet class B driving license for more than 3 years.

A3 driver's license: A3 is the driver's license that a bus driver needs to hold. The difficulty of the examination is still very large. The age of A3 is between 21-50 years old before the examination and driving.

B1 driver's license: B1 driver's license can drive small and medium-sized passenger vehicles, the age needs to be between 21-50 years old, and B1 driver's license also needs to meet the qualification of CI driver's license for more than 3 years.

B2 driver's license: B2 driver's license is mainly used to drive all kinds of large trucks, and can be obtained at the age of 20-50!