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You can't believe the prediction of 2018 World Cup champion! in 2018 World Cup, there were frequent cold calls, and three powerful European teams, Portugal, Spain and Germany, were eliminated. However, the black horse team led by Sweden and Russia was brilliant in this world cup, so the suspense of this world cup is very big. Even senior fans can't predict the champion of this world cup. Which country will the 2018 World Cup champion be?

Many senior fans are optimistic about France and Brazil, which are the most likely teams to win. But I'm here to say for sure that neither Brazil nor France will win. Of course, the biggest black horse Russia team in this world cup is lucky to make it into the top eight. It's not good enough to win the championship, so Germany can't be the champion obviously. So which team is the champion of this world cup?

Will it be England? England's dream of winning the championship will be terminated by Sweden. In the past 38 years, England has never defeated Sweden. Even when England is at its best, it has not won Sweden's price. Therefore, the English players bear the psychological circle of "losing Sweden", that is, the Chinese team's "fear of South Korea" mentality.

What about Uruguay? It won't be the champion either. Uruguay's number one star Cavani is absent due to muscle injury. Suarez is red card in the semi-final and suspended in the final. At the same time, the captain and the defensive core Godin are missing the final due to the collision of opponents in the semi-final. So Uruguay will not be the champion. In addition, Croatia can't.

My God, I have eliminated seven teams in the last eight finals, and only one Swedish team is left. Sweden is the 2018 World Cup champion! Let's see why Sweden won the 2018 World Cup.

In this world cup, Sweden team broke through the group of Germany and Mexico as a dark horse, and beat the world's top teams all the way with solid defense and excellent set pieces tactics. Fosbury, the star of the team, played an outstanding role, frequently scored penalties and direct free kicks, which made the opponent defenseless. In recent years, Sweden has been playing the role of the killer of the world's top teams. Since the World Cup qualifier, Sweden has eliminated Holland, Italy, Germany and Mexico, as well as Switzerland, which is also a giant killer. It can be seen that the strength of the giant killer is stronger, so we can boldly predict that Sweden will win the world cup.