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In the 2018 World Cup quarter finals, Belgium, 2-1 and Brazil are in the top four;

In the second quarter finals of 2018 World Cup, Brazil lost 2-1 to Belgium, so far, Belgium once again reached the semi-finals after 32 years, all non European teams were out! In the first half, kompany headed Fernando oulong, then debrunane expanded the score. In the second half, substitute Guoan foreign aid Augusto pulled back a goal. In the end, Belgium eliminated Brazil 2-1 and advanced to the last four. Their next opponent is France.

Important goal time

The 13th minute, Fernando, Brazil 0-1 Belgium.

The 31st minute, debraune scored, Brazil 0-2 Belgium.

The 76th minute, Augusto scored, Brazil 1-2 Belgium.