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Who is not suitable for spinach? Which foods can spinach not eat with

Spinach can nourish blood and Yin. It can prevent and treat hypertension, headache, dizziness, diabetes and anemia caused by deficiency of liver yin in spring. Let's see who is not suitable for spinach? Which foods can spinach not eat with

the following people are not suitable to eat or should eat less spinach: 1. People with kidney stones. Because spinach contains a lot of potassium oxalate, it will precipitate calcium ions when it is electrolyzed into the human body, which will not only hinder the absorption of calcium, but also easily generate calcium oxalate stones, increasing the chance of kidney stones. Experts suggest that spinach should be boiled in boiling water first, and then potassium oxalate should be dissolved in water, and then the soup should be discarded and only vegetables should be eaten. 2、 The elderly, infants, pregnant women or people lacking calcium. As the elderly, infants and pregnant women are in urgent need of calcium supplement or are taking calcium tablet treatment (such as osteochondrosis, tuberculosis calcium deficiency patients), experts recommend not to eat spinach within 2 hours before and after taking calcium tablet. 3、 A patient with diarrhea. Spinach is rich in fiber, has the function of lubricating intestines, diarrhea patients should not eat. Xiangke spinach + soybean: can damage teeth

Suitable food: spinach + beef: will reduce the nutritional value

Spinach + hairtail: harmful to nutrition absorption

Spinach + leek: can cause diarrhea

Spinach + loofah: can cause diarrhea

Spinach + Tremella: can damage vitamin C

Spinach + tofu: can affect calcium absorption

Spinach + soybeans: will affect the digestion and absorption of calcium

Spinach + milk: harmful to digestion and absorption

Spinach + yoghurt: can easily destroy the calcium content of yoghurt

Spinach + shrimp skin: can affect calcium absorption

Spinach + pea: can affect calcium absorption

Spinach + eel: can cause diarrhea

Spinach + pork: reduce copper absorption

Spinach + pork tenderloin: reduce copper absorption

Spinach + milk: eating together can cause diarrhea

Spinach + Cucumber: Vitamin C in spinach is destroyed by the catabolic enzyme in Cucumber

Spinach + soybean: Vitamin C in food can inhibit the release of copper

Spinach + eel: diarrhea

Spinach + eel: eating together easily leads to diarrhea

Spinach + leek: diarrhea

Spinach + cheese: spinach is rich in calcium, and the chemical composition of cheese will affect the digestion and absorption of calcium

Spinach + tofu: oxalic acid in spinach and calcium in bean curd form calcium oxalate, which makes calcium in human body unable to be absorbed

Spinach + honey: causing heartache

Suitable food: spinach + pig blood: it can moisten intestines, relieve constipation, supplement iron and blood

Spinach + wax gourd: diuretic and anti-inflammatory

Spinach + peanut: whitening skin

Spinach + vermicelli: nourishing blood, moistening dryness, nourishing liver and kidney

Spinach + sesame oil: convenient for defecation

Spinach + brown rice: moistening dryness, nourishing blood and body

Spinach + pig liver: can improve anemia

Spinach + citronella root: can clear away heat and cool blood

Spinach + mutton liver: rejuvenated

Spinach + konjac: detoxification and detoxification

Spinach + carrot: keep cardiovascular system smooth

Spinach + peanut: good for vitamin absorption

Spinach + vermicelli: promote the absorption of nutrients

Spinach + egg: improve the absorption of vitamin B12

Spinach + pig liver: prevention and treatment of anemia

Spinach + kelp: prevent stone

Spinach + eggplant: accelerate blood circulation to prevent cancer

Spinach + egg: can prevent anemia, malnutrition, calm nerves, calcium supplement

Spinach + oyster: can improve menopausal discomfort

Spinach + kelp: strong muscles and bones

Spinach + jellyfish: can moisten intestines and relieve constipation