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What are the benefits of MSG? What should we pay attention to when we often eat monosodium glutamate

We all know that excessive consumption of MSG is not a good thing, because excessive consumption of MSG will cause some symptoms, such as anxiety and confusion. There are also some people who are more sensitive to the system will suffer from bone ache and muscle weakness. Let's see the advantages and disadvantages of MSG

The main component of monosodium glutamate is monosodium glutamate. In addition to being a good assistant for flavoring, monosodium glutamate can decompose glutamate during digestion. The latter can be converted into an inhibitory neurotransmitter by enzyme catalysis in brain tissue. When too much MSG is ingested, this inhibitory neurotransmitter will make all kinds of nerve functions in the human body in a state of inhibition, resulting in a series of symptoms such as dizziness, headache, drowsiness, muscle spasm, etc.; some people will also have anxiety and panic; some people with more sensitive constitution will even feel bone ache and muscle weakness. In addition, excessive inhibitory neurotransmitters can also inhibit the secretion of thyrotropin releasing hormone in the hypothalamus of the human body and hinder the development of bone, especially in children.

When excessive consumption of monosodium glutamate exceeds the metabolic capacity of the body, it will also lead to the increase of glutamic acid content in the blood, limiting the use of calcium, magnesium, copper and other essential minerals by the human body. In particular, glutamate can combine with zinc in the blood to produce zinc glutamate which can not be used, which is discharged from the body, resulting in zinc deficiency in the human body. Zinc is an important nutrient for infants' physical and mental development. Therefore, infants and breastfeeding mothers should fast or eat less monosodium glutamate.

Therefore, we must pay attention not to eat too much monosodium glutamate in our daily life, and now there are studies that have shown that if we eat a large amount of monosodium glutamate for a long time, our retina will become thinner, our eyesight will also decline, and in serious cases, we will be blind.