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Uruguay vs France match time and live address Uruguay vs France score forecast

At 22:00 p.m. on July 6, Beijing time, the 2018 Russia World Cup quarter finals will be held in Nizhny Novgorod stadium by Uruguay vs France. In the group stage, Uruguay finished first in the group; France also finished first in the group. It seems that France and Uruguay have eliminated a team with superstar players. The result of the next quarter finals is still unknown.

Time: 22:00, July 6

Venue: Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

World Cup quarter finals schedule:

22:00, July 6 Uruguay vs France 02:00, July 7 Brazil / Mexico vs Belgium / Japan

8 July 22:00 Sweden / Switzerland vs Colombia / England

09 Jul 02:00 Spain / Russia vs Croatia / Denmark

Comparison of the world rankings of the times of the two teams participating in the world cup


Uruguay is one of the national football teams with the largest number of international matches in history. With rich competition experience, it is an old strong team that has won two World Cup titles and one of the only eight countries in the world that has won two World Cup titles.

Uruguay: 13 times

FIFA ranking: 21

Uruguay world cup best: 1930 and 1950 champions

Entry time: 1930, 1950, 1954, 1962, 1966, 1970, 1974, 1986, 1990, 2002, 2010, 2014, 2018

France team

Number of World Cup entries: 15

World Cup best results: 1998 World Cup champion, 2006 World Cup runner up, 1958 World Cup runner up, 1986 World Cup runner up

World Cup Time: 1930-1938, 1950-2014

FIFA ranking: 7

Score forecast: Uruguay 2-1 France (personal view, for reference only)