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What is sleep on the floor in summer sleep on the floor?

Summer weather is hot, many people have slept on the ground experience, a mat to the ground to sleep a night, it is really cool a lot. So is sleeping on the ground really good in summer? Is sleep on the floor harmless to the body? Let's get to know.

How about sleep on the floor in summer?

Bad, the floor coolness is very big, can cause the human body cold, does not pay attention to easy rheumatism, still can catch cold, had better sleep on the bed.

1, summer sleep on the floor is not good, no matter is the mat with a certain partition, the floor is the closest from the ground, the possibility of seepage is very large, for human health is very harmful, especially for those who are not good joints, it is easy to cause arthritis and rheumatism in the later stage.

2. The floor is too hard for the spine. Sleep on the floor is not sleep on the floor. Because the principle of the decline of the gas is due to the rising of the clear air. The air is not good for sleeping on the ground near the ground. It will easily cause rheumatism. Whether it's wood floor or floor tile, it's not good for your health. There are many bacteria gaps in the wood floor. Floor tiles are too cold, not good for internal organs, and there are many bacteria. It must not be so good. Because the cement has' absorbability ', it will consume a lot of water.

Is sleep on the floor harmful to your health?


1. Japanese people sleep in the floor on TV because their houses are high above the ground and warm in winter, so they can sleep on the floor. Sleep on the floor is more common than the north, but the southern people sleep on the floor.

2, what you sleep now may not feel anything at all. Until the age is large, you will know that it is really fatal. You should sleep on the floor. Because when you fall asleep, the moisture of the floor will invade your body through the pores. After a night's sleep, you will feel uncomfortable and stiff. As time goes by, you will get some diseases.

3. If you sleep on the floor for a long time, you may get spondylitis. The result is that you cannot bend your spine or do any heavy physical work. If you have to sleep on the floor, it is recommended that the floor thickness should be more than 10 cm.

4, sleep on the floor if it is less than 10 centimeters, then the floor will be bad, because the floor temperature is very low at night, and it is not good for joints. It is easy to get joint disease. But if the floor is over 10 cm and the insulation performance is good, there is nothing wrong with it. What is more, advocate bed. After all, the air from the ground is low and the heavy gas such as lead is also a great harm.

How to deal with the hot sleeping in summer

1. Spray the pajamas slightly, or soak the thin socks in cold water, and wear them to sleep. If you feel uncomfortable sleeping in wet clothes, you can wet the towel with cold water, put it in the refrigerator for about 1 hour, put it on your forehead when you sleep, and it can also play a cooling role.

2. Find a cotton sock filled with rice, fasten it with hemp rope, and freeze it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Before going to bed, use ice bags to roll on the sheets to cool down. Rice is rich in starch and compact in structure. It can be kept in air for a long time.

3. Before going to bed, put the pillowcase in the freezer for a while. This will keep your head cool, lower your temperature and make it easier for you to fall asleep.