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I'm not the God of medicine. What's the medicine of Lenin? What's the domestic price of Lenin

I'm not the God of medicine. What's the medicine of Lenin? What's the domestic price of Lenin "I'm not the God of medicine" has attracted attention as soon as it is released. In recent years, there are rare types of films in China. The films focus on the high-priced medicine of Lenin. Do you know what kind of medicine Lenin is and what kind of disease it treats? What is the domestic price of Lenin? Let's have a look.

It is understood that the film's' Lenin 'and Novartis pharmaceutical production of Gleevec is only a word away. Its general name is imatinib mesylate, an imported drug produced by a Swiss pharmaceutical company, which is a very good targeting drug. It was published in the 1990s and officially put into clinical use in the early 2000. Its appearance can make the ten-year survival rate of patients with chronic myeloid leukemia increase from less than 50% before to about 90% now, and the vast majority Patients can work and live normally. It can be said that imatinib mesylate is the most successful tumor drug developed in the last century, which also ushered in the era of targeted drugs.

With the widespread use of imatinib mesylate tablets, the global treatment guidelines for CML have also changed. The first treatment recommended in the previous guidelines was bone marrow transplantation, followed by medication, but later became the first drug, followed by bone marrow transplantation. Because, compared with bone marrow transplantation, the side effects of drugs are smaller and the effect is better. This also means that imatinib mesylate tablets are 'life-saving drugs' for patients.

Domestic price of Greaves:

The price of the original Novartis in the mainland is 235, in Hong Kong is 17000, and in the United States and South Korea is about 136 and 10000, respectively. This cost, for most Chinese families, is undoubtedly astronomical.

Why is life-saving Gleevec so expensive? Industry insiders say that the high cost of research and development is an important reason for the high price of patent drugs. The research and development of a new drug often costs more than US $1 billion. Countries have implemented independent pricing rights for patent drugs, so that drug manufacturers can recover costs before the patent period and make profits, which requires high price support.

In the face of this situation, the relevant state departments have been pushing forward the drug price reform. In 2014, the national development and Reform Commission issued the plan for promoting drug price reform (Draft for comments) to reform the drug price formation mechanism; in May 2015, the national development and Reform Commission, the former food and Drug Administration and other seven ministries and commissions formulated the opinions on promoting drug price reform; in 2015, the State Council issued the opinions on reforming the approval system of drug and medical devices; In 2016, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the former national health and Family Planning Commission and other six departments jointly issued the guidelines for the development planning of the pharmaceutical industry; by 2018, 19 provinces and cities in China had successively included Gleevec in the medical insurance; in 2018, China began to implement zero tariff on imported anti-cancer drugs. With the price reduction of Gleevec, the listing of domestic generic drugs, and a series of policies such as zero tariff of imported anti-cancer drugs, we believe that patients who live on high-priced drugs will have more chances to survive.