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How to judge whether a girl is a virgin the virgin complex is the product of thousands of years of oppression and discrimination against women in China. Although the modern concept of equality between men and women has been deeply rooted in people's hearts, whether a girl is a virgin or not is no longer so important, but still a man who does not have a virgin complex. How to judge whether a girl is a virgin from her appearance and behavior? Here is a summary of the following Method.

Note that this method is only for reference. In addition, it should be emphasized that this paper does not advocate virginity complex, on the contrary, it advocates the concept of sexual equality for women.


1. There are quite a few women whose vagina will relax after a certain period of sexual life (one or two years). It's not pleasant to have sex with her. It's very relaxing. You should know that there has never been a sexual virgin. Her vulva is closed and never has a little opening, so when you insert it, it must be very tight and comfortable. Note here: not all women will relax in a year or two. So: the loose must not be a virgin; the loose may not be a virgin.

Second, virgins in the first sexual intercourse generally because of fear, tension, pain and other reasons, will not have physical pleasure, they do not know how to experience and enjoy physical pleasure. So when you have sex with a woman you doubt whether she is a virgin, you should pick her in a good mood. When you are sweet with me, the weather is also good. In short, all the circumstances are good and all the conditions are ready. At the same time, you should be careful not to have premature ejaculation this time. You can masturbate once in advance, or drink in moderation. For example, after celebrating her birthday. Do all you can to caress and excite her. It's hard for a woman with sexual experience to control herself in this situation. If you find that her body is well matched with you, she will actively and tightly lead you to insert her. The action is so natural, so it's just right. If she reaches orgasm under your long-term pulling and inserting, she will have problems.

3. The face-to-face sexual posture is the best sexual posture to express love. For the first time, a virgin must use this posture. She will hold you, let you press her, conquer her, so that her life (she hopes so) to offer. In this case, if you want to play backward to give her a bud, you will be reluctant. Generally, she won't let you do it or even get angry with you.

Fourth, if there is no flaw for the first time, then try different sex positions later. You should know that false virgins have a strong sense of prevention at the beginning, and have a lot of heart, so that you are not easy to see through. After a long time, relax, think it's a good idea, it's easy to expose. Because every time a woman tries a new sex position, she needs to adjust and adapt. Some gestures for some women, to try many times to experience pleasure. For example, when a woman first becomes a female superior, she will feel embarrassed and don't know how to move, which makes her look clumsy. The same is true for the latter position. She will be embarrassed and don't know how to coordinate with your rhythm. If you change a new posture, the woman shows that she is easy to handle, she must have problems. Of course, in this respect, whether you have received education, whether you have good sports, whether you have seen pornographic films will have an impact, but there will be little difference.

The first time for a woman is unforgettable and memorable. If she is a virgin, she will remember your first time again and again when she whispers between the bed and the moon. If she rarely mentions it, you should be careful. You can take the initiative to recall 'the first time'. If she responds coldly and then switches the topic, it means she has a ghost in her heart.

Psychological approach:

Psychological law needs a man who is a little older (27-8), has experienced society and has read people for a long time. You need to be able to know and see people.

The true shyness that a real virgin carries is beyond the best fake actress to imitate. You have experienced the society, know many people, you can distinguish the real shyness and pretending to be coquettish. The biggest problem for actors is that they overdo it because they don't understand the role, but lose their authenticity. Liu Xiaoqing's play has always been like this, because she is empty inside and has no formal education, so she can't eat through and integrate into the role; Dustin Hoffman is very similar to rain man, not by exaggerating expressions and actions, but by living with mental patients to get the understanding of their spiritual world. In the process of getting along with fake virgins, you can pretend to be stupid and dumb, and let her perform, she will show up eventually!

A woman who has never slept with a man will keep a distance from him. That's not the case with men. Subtle differences must be distinguished by mature men. This distance includes physical ones, such as the physical distance when talking to a man, the length of time when looking directly at the other person, whether she can do some unsightly actions (for example, whether her things fall under the desk, whether she can pick them up in front of a man's buttocks, etc.), and psychological ones, such as: whether talking to a man is light or not, whether she can make some Sideswipe jokes, It also includes communication, such as: whether she will often travel alone with different men (watching movies, drinking coffee, playing basketball, etc.) (note that traveling alone is not a problem in itself. People can always try to talk about friends with others before you. The problem is whether she can travel alone with different men easily and often. Travel does not mean sexual intercourse, but a measure of the degree of intercourse between men and women. Virgins are generally wary of men. In this respect, they are certainly inferior to the past. )Do you often go to the ballroom to dance with men in ordinary relationships, etc.

In a word, psychological method depends on your inner experience. Experienced old foxes will not be cheated by false virgins.

Virginity is not a gift we give, but the integrity of our self-esteem and body, the freedom of our choice. Only when a woman truly understands and respects her body, and only when a man truly understands that virginity exists in his heart, can the spirit of the hymen not become a shackle of the soul.

Why is hymen born?

Our body, each part is God's meticulous masterpiece, its construction function is always unparalleled precision and cleverness. So, what's the function of hymen? Why don't we have virginity? Is it really God's desire for female chastity?

After years of research, anthropologists have put forward two theories:

Protection theory: the vagina wall of young girls is relatively thin, and the ovary is not yet mature. Hymen plays an important role in preventing the invasion of bacteria, protecting the internal reproductive system and maintaining fertility.

The theory of sexual selection: the function of hymen is to select the strong men, so that the excellent sperm can enter the vagina and become pregnant, which is of great evolutionary significance. In ancient times, there was a great deal of randomness in human sexual union, and the existence of hymen could prevent men with low sexual function from invading women. There is a certain relationship between sexual function and physical strength, and the sexual function of the weak is usually lower. The hymen forms a test gate. Only those who break the gate can leave their genes to their offspring.

Three changing stages of hymen


The hymen covers the vagina near the outer mouth, about 1-2 mm thick. There is a small hole in the middle, called "hymen hole", about 1 cm in diameter, usually circular, elliptical or serrated; some are in the shape of a half moon, with the membrane hole leaning to one side; some are septate holes, with two holes arranged side by side; some are many scattered holes, like a sieve.

During menstruation, menstrual blood is discharged through this small hole. If there is no small hole on the membrane, the monthly menstrual blood is blocked, accumulates in the vagina, and expands upward to the uterine cavity and fallopian tube, and even flows into the abdominal cavity, causing fallopian tube damage, intestinal adhesion, abdominal infection, which is called "hymen atresia" in medicine, and gynecological operation must be performed.

Before puberty, because the ovaries secrete less oestrogen, the vaginal mucosa is thin, the wrinkle wall is little, the acidity is low, the resistance is weak, the hymen has the function of preventing bacteria from invading the vagina. After puberty, with the development of ovaries, the increase of estrogen in the body, the strengthening of vaginal resistance, the hymen also lost its role.

Wedding night:

In the first sexual intercourse, the hymen is broken to form a fissure, which causes bleeding.

Because of the different shapes of hymen, the degree of rupture will be very different. There are two holes in the septal hymen bleeding more, accompanied by more severe pain. The labial hymen bleeds little, almost painless. The thick and elastic umbrella shaped hymen may not rupture at all!

According to the American gynecologist survey, about 30% of women have no bleeding during the first sexual intercourse. This 30% includes the elastic umbrella shaped hymen, which may rupture after multiple sexual intercourse or after a crazy sexual journey, but may not bleed. It also includes the porous sieve shaped hymen, which is easily ruptured. It may have ruptured for various reasons before the first sexual intercourse.