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Why is India's Lenin so cheap? Is India's Lenin a fake medicine

Why is India's Lenin so cheap? Is India's Lenin a fake medicine the movie "I am not the God of medicine" has attracted wide attention and has become a rare high score movie in China in recent years. The movie focuses on the story line of India's Lenin medicine. Is India's Lenin a fake drug? Why is India's Lenin so cheap? Let's have a look.

The real name of Lenin in the film is imatinib mesylate, also known as Gleevec. It was once compared to a bullet shot at cancer by time, which can effectively control the chromosomal variation of CML patients.

In other words, the drug can increase the 10-year survival rate of patients with chronic myeloid leukemia from less than 50% before to about 90% now, and the vast majority of patients can work and live normally.

However, the drug is very expensive. Several media have disclosed that the price of greavelli produced by Novartis in Germany once was as high as 23500 yuan / box. According to the normal frequency of taking one box a month, it costs more than 280000 yuan a year and needs to be taken for life. This cost, for most Chinese families, is undoubtedly astronomical.

By contrast, the price of each box is only 200 yuan, which is the "dawn" of patients and families who can't afford the authentic medicine.

Why can Indian medicine be so cheap?

India's generic medicine is' piracy '. That's what the Indian government says. I admit that your synthetic circuits and products should be protected and applied to all medicines.

Although this kind of disrespect for intellectual property rights has been criticized internationally, the Indian government has also promulgated relevant regulations.

However, when there is a humanitarian disaster, involving major diseases of the people's livelihood, whether you authorize or not, I will allow our pharmaceutical factories to produce. Cancer is a major disease. I'll let my pharmaceutical factory produce it. It's humanitarian. So India's pharmaceutical plants produced Greaves, saving on patent fees.

Are generic drugs in India fake? It doesn't seem to be.

The Indian government has made a special patent compulsory license to allow the drug to be directly copied when the public can not afford the high price of the patent medicine, regardless of whether the patent protection period is over or not.

Such generic drugs are cheap, and the similarity between the drug and the original drug is 99.9%. Because of strong resistance from foreign enterprises, they are generally only sold in India.

But buying from India and selling it in China has been controversial for lack of legal procedures.