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Which is the better effect of cupping and scraping in the dog days? Taboo of cupping in the dog days many people like to cupping in summer, especially on the dog days. The hottest time of the year is also the time when the human body is easy to produce toxins. What should be paid attention to when cupping on the dog days?

Precautions for cupping in three volt days

1. When sweating, the pores of human body are open. It's better to dry the body as soon as possible to avoid blowing air and air conditioning, so as to prevent cold invasion and cold. Do not take a bath immediately after cupping or scraping, especially with cold water.

2. Cupping and detoxification also vary from person to person. It is especially suitable for those with obvious damp and hot symptoms, mainly manifested as severe acne, thick and greasy tongue coating, etc. Some special people should not be too much stimulation, such as: the elderly, children and other people with weak physique.

3. When defecating in dog days, do not be too greedy for cool, and do not stay in the air-conditioned room or eat too much cold drink. Blind cold is not conducive to the body's detoxification.

4. People suffering from heart disease, blood disease, skin damage, tuberculosis and various infectious diseases, cancer patients, fracture, extreme weakness, pregnant women, women's menstrual period, drunk, can not be used. If the condition is serious, it is better to go to the hospital for treatment so as not to delay the treatment.

5. Patients with over hunger, over satiety, over exertion, over thirst, high fever, high edema, high neuroticism, high skin allergy, skin damage, poor skin elasticity, serious skin diseases, tumors, hemophilia, active tuberculosis, menstruation, pregnancy, should be forbidden or use cupping with caution.

6. It is also not suitable for cupping in case of blood deficiency. Deficiency of both qi and blood originally leads to deficiency of Qi and blood. After cupping, the deficiency of Qi and blood is often aggravated by bleeding. Therefore, people who are prone to fatigue, often feel weak, like sweating and pale face are all short of Qi and blood, so they are not suitable for cupping.

Which is the better effect of cupping or scraping in dog days

Scrapping and cupping can detoxify, which is better, there is no unified answer, because different physique and symptoms need different treatment.

In summer, the temperature is high and the body is full of Yang. It's the right time for TCM health preservation. Commonly used scraping and cupping therapy have the function of balancing yin and Yang of human body. Generally speaking, scraping focuses on removing damp heat and summer dampness; Cupping focuses on removing cold and dampness in meridians and collaterals.

There are signs of damp heat or heat dampness in the body

The climate in the South sometimes seems to be in a big steamer. Most of the high-risk people with hot and humid constitution are from the south.

1. General characteristics: the main characteristics of damp and heat are the surface dirt, oil and light, bitter mouth, yellow and greasy fur, and the number of slippery veins.

2. Type characteristics: the body is fat or emaciated.

3. Face, yellow and dark, greasy.

4. Red lips and yellow teeth, yellow teeth, red gums and red lips.

5. The skin is prone to acne, redness and pustules.

6. Dry mouth, bad breath, bitter mouth, sweat and body odor.

7. The stool is dry and sticky, with a strong smell and foul smell. The urine is yellow and red, and the color is very deep.

8. Men often have wet scrotum; women often have leucorrhea, yellow color, vulva often itch.

9. Tongue image: red tongue and yellow fur. The tongue is red with thick yellow coating.

10. Psychological characteristics: quick temper, easy to get angry.

11. Incidence tendency: easy to suffer from furuncle, jaundice, stone drench, heat drench and other diseases.

12. Adaptability: it can't tolerate the humid and hot environment; it's difficult to adapt to the humid and hot climate at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.

13. Damp and hot constitution is easy to get sick. Seborrheic alopecia, acne, body odor, drenching syndrome; urinary tract infection, lower diseases, cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis. The skin is particularly prone to abscesses and sores and ringworm: ringworm of the skin, tinea of the feet, tinea corporis and jaundice. There are also infectious diseases of liver and gall. People of this constitution are particularly prone to fatigue of muscles and muscles, low back pain and pain all over the body.