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How to fall in love with a person after marriage?

there are always some people in life who are clearly married or have a happy marriage life, but they can't control their greedy desire to betray their marriage. So what about falling in love with a person after marriage?

Short connection

It's very dangerous to fall in love with someone after marriage, because your love not only destroys the marriage of others, but also destroys your marriage. If you want to be safe, you need to short-circuit all the contacts about each other. Although you will feel heartache at the beginning, it is also short-lived, which not only protects yourself but also protects the marriage.

Learned control

What if the person you fall in love with after marriage is a colleague of the company or your leader? Because you can't meet or touch every day at work, you should learn to control. Don't make too much eye contact with him. Try to talk only about work. In this way, we can not only fulfill our responsibilities, but also avoid further development.

Minimize contact

We all know that to love a person is a kind of emotion produced by two people getting along with each other for a long time or contacting each other too much. For the sake of their own or other people's marital happiness, we should try our best to keep less contact with each other. In the work, we can hand over to our colleagues instead of dealing with them. This not only ensures the workload, but also eliminates the scandal.

Don't pay too much attention to each other

People who have been in love know that if they love one person, they will unconsciously pay attention to everything of the other person. In order to know him well. Then, to fall in love with a person after marriage is to learn not to pay attention to the other party, which not only eliminates his good impression in your mind, but also weakens your appreciation of the individual.

Think more about the happiness after marriage

After marriage, falling in love with a person is because they fail to meet their expectations in the marriage, so it's easy to have a good feeling for people outside, in order to avoid destroying the marriage. We should always remember the good things in marriage, which not only increases the relationship between husband and wife, but also keeps the marriage lasting.

Less love

After marriage, falling in love with a person often feels that the person is better than his lover before he has a good feeling and admiration. For the sake of marriage safety, try not to compare your lover so as not only not to hurt each other, but also to reduce complaints.