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How to add wechat applet what are the functions of wechat applet

How to add wechat applet what are the functions of wechat applet wechat applets have been widely discussed since they were released, but like a treasure chest, they are loved by developers and consumers. What are the functions of wechat applets? What are the applications of wechat applets?

Wechat applet (application number) is that the user pays attention to an application number, just like installing an app. In this way, wechat will be built into a new app store, and each app number is a webapp.

How to understand this concept?

Download and install app is too much trouble, WeChat's small program can meet you; install / uninstall / use applet, just like attention / take off / enter the public number is as simple as you can run away, do not worry about loading app occupy your space.

How many functions does wechat applet (application number) have?

1. Wechat applet (application number) can realize perfect support for app personalized functions. This service is to open the independent functions of app to wechat ecosystem through wechat application number for wechat users to call; if possible, wechat application number may provide a set of access system in the future to directly realize the copy of APP functions.

2. Wechat app (application number) can realize friendly access to app developers and operators, reduce the threshold of secondary development; it is possible to open more resources to developers and operators, and establish wechat developer ecology.

3. Give wechat users more flexible function acquisition and combination, and let users piece together a super app for their own use. Automatic brain Mending: what function do you want in the future, search it out in wechat application number, hang it on wechat, and uninstall what you don't need.

4. Get through the account system of wechat and other applications. The app does its own functions and operates based on wechat.

Now most of the sharing links in wechat can't be opened directly. You need to download the app and use it. After the application number comes out, it may not be so troublesome. It's fun to see who shares something in the circle of friends. Open the link function and add it with one click, without any effort to jump and install.

Wechat applet is an application that can be used without downloading and installation. It realizes the dream of "within reach" of the application. Users can scan or search it to open the application. In the future, we don't need to install so many apps. A wechat can cover almost all applications in our life, including wechat application number development and wechat applet development