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Why do you say that people who love you the most

I think it's the most painful whether it's the one you love the most or the one you love the most. But the one you love the most must be your favorite. Why? Because he's involved in all your emotions


One of my friends, Qiqi, sent me a message that she had pulled her ex boyfriend black when he got married the other day. I probably know about them. They have been together for five years, and have reached the level of marriage, but they were forced to part because of the reasons of the husband's family.

After the break-up, Qiqi will look through the chat records of two people before every day, and turn over the former boyfriend's circle of friends over and over again. Today, the news of her ex boyfriend's marriage is flashed by surprise, and she is finally dead set.

The man who wanted to marry with his heart in mind said that he would marry when he got married, but the bride was not himself.

The man who promised to go to Hangzhou to see the West Lake, Chongqing to eat hot pot and Tibet to see the snow mountain with her finally broke his promise.

The one who said he would take her home, accompany her for the rest of her life, take care of her parents, and spend the rest of his life with others.

Many of the things we think will last for a long time will not be done in the future. The man who thinks will accompany us for a lifetime is already someone else's husband.

Qi Qi said that I once loved him deeply, but he has nothing to do with me. The best way to sacrifice this relationship is to pull black.


I think the most painful way to love someone is to pull black. Some people describe that feeling like this: heart like a knife, but relieved.

I think that every person who decides to pull black will struggle for a long time between pulling black and not pulling black, and make up his mind to pull up a person who takes root in his heart. It's painful just to think about it. I know I love more than anyone in my heart, but I still press the delete key.

'people who love you the most often,' I thought. Rather than watching the people you once loved and others show their love in the circle of friends, Lahei is the best way to protect yourself. Do not disturb, is my last gentle, but also I left to myself, the last respect.

In our unit, there was a couple. The boy was three years older than the girl. I don't know if there was a gap in age. The boy cared for the girl. At one time, he only wanted to smile for the beauty girl, but the relationship ended abruptly after only one year.

On the day of breaking up, the boy cried like a child in front of the girl. The girl only said "sorry" to him lightly, and then there was no contact.

Half a year later, the girl sent a wedding message to the boy, and hoped that the two would continue to be friends in the future. The boy smiled bitterly across the screen, and painfully pulled her into the blacklist.

'I can be friends with anyone in the world, but you can't. '

I risk that I will never meet you again in this life. It's not because I don't love you anymore, but because I can't let you go. You never know how much I love you.


The one who is the most heartbreaking in love is always the one who pays more. You pour all your money into this relationship, thinking that it will bring a good ending. Who would expect that life will always surprise you and not give you any room to parry.

Lahei seems to refuse, but no one knows how much sorrow and tears are hidden behind the refusal.

In the emotional world, how many people who once loved each other were noisy and separated, which created countless blacklists, hiding the mutual goodnight.

Those who cry and want to leave are never the ones who really want to leave. The ones who really want to leave will choose a sunny afternoon and disappear gracefully in the autumn sun without any trace.

In a long list of mobile phone contacts, how many people we didn't contact, and how many people even forgot their names.

Only the one who has been blackmailed by you, whether it's love or hate or never see again, I'm afraid it's unforgettable.

What about you over there? Have you ever blackmailed someone in your life?