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How does pepper water treat snoring? What are the magic effects of pepper water

Sihaiwang: pepper is a common seasoning in our daily life, with antibacterial, anesthetic, insecticidal and other effects. There is a saying about pepper: pepper can treat snoring, is it credible? What are the magic effects of pepper?

Can pepper water cure snoring

Pepper water has the effect of treating snoring.

Pepper water has a little basis for snoring treatment, but the effect is limited. The real source of snoring is the relaxation of pharyngeal muscles. The most fundamental solution is to exercise pharyngeal muscles, enhance muscle strength, and make them strong and hard.

How to treat snoring with prickly ash water? Soak a glass of water with boiled water before going to bed. Take it after the water is cool (prickly ash refuses to take it), and take it for 5 days. Snoring can be treated. As long as 3-4 drops of mouthwash are diluted with warm water before going to bed, the snoring can be weakened and stopped. This kind of gargle contains a kind of resin oil, which can improve the blood supply of the throat mucosa and make the throat mucosa in a state of sufficient blood supply. The soft palate and uvula will not vibrate due to relaxation, and the snoring will be weakened and stopped.

Other functions of pepper water

Acne treatment

Pepper water can remove acne. Put the boiled pepper water in the basin and gently pat it on your face with your hands until you feel numb. It can remove the inflamed acne on your face.

Treating dysmenorrhea

Pepper water can also treat dysmenorrhea. Some women always have the phenomenon of premenstrual, which may be caused by the cold of the palace. At this time, they can take the water boiled from pepper and ginger, which has the effect of dispelling the cold and clearing the menstrual blood. Dysmenorrhea can be relieved.

Cure chilblain

Pepper water can also be used to treat frostbite. If there is frostbite on the hand, and the frostbite does not break, you can use pepper and ginger to fry water, and use these water to soak the hand, which can help blood circulation.

Dispelling cold and warming stomach

Pepper water can also drive away cold and warm the stomach. Prickly ash is warm. It's the best for keeping out cold. In the organs of human body, the stomach is most afraid of cold, and it is also easy to suffer from cold. If it is caused by cold stomach pain, can use pepper boiled water to drink, cold pain.

What's the harm of drinking pepper water

1. Prickly ash itself has small poison. Drinking too much prickly ash water can cause toxic reaction and dyspnea.

2. Zanthoxylum water belongs to spicy and irritant food. In order to treat snoring and drinking Zanthoxylum water, it may aggravate the heat in the body, and cause the symptoms of burning such as dry throat, which will aggravate snoring instead.

3. Chinese prickly ash also has other side effects such as milk return, abortion, etc. women in pregnancy and lactation must not blindly use the prescription.