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What do you want for your girlfriend's birthday?

when a girlfriend wants to have a birthday, she must express herself as a boyfriend when she wants to. What to give is the biggest problem. Xiaobian will introduce her experience.

1. Ring: no matter it's gold or diamond ring, girls are born to like it. Generally speaking, when giving a ring, the relationship between the two has been basically settled, and they are going to get married, especially the diamond ring, which represents loyalty and dedication. However, the price is relatively high, so students can choose other schemes.

2. Doll: plush doll, every girl has a girl's heart. Prepare a bigger plush doll to hold in her arms, just like being hugged by a lover, warm and safe.

3. Flowers: flowers have always been a girl's favorite. I don't know what to send. It must be right to send flowers. Roses, lilies, etc. have a good moral. Those with better economy can buy more and those with less.

4, cosmetics: women are makeup, perfume, facial mask, lotion and so on are all very good choices, because their cosmetic bags are always less than a cosmetic, and I think they will love this.

5. Clothes: clothes are also a good choice. Take down the size of your girlfriend carefully. Go to the clothing store and choose a suit of clothes and pants suitable for your girlfriend. Give them to her.

6. Digital products: it's not exclusive for boys. Girls also love high-end digital products. The latest mobile phones, tablets, electronic watches, etc. are expensive, but the effect must be very good.

7. Creative ornaments: if you don't have any money, you can go online to find some creative ornaments and ornaments, such as those engraved with names. As long as you have enough sincerity, your girlfriend will be happy.