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What songs do men listen to when they are lovelorn?

lovelorn is something that many men and women will experience. They have been together because they like or love each other, and separated from each other because of various reasons or excuses or even injuries. The separation of emotion means the loss of love. Lovelorn is painful, and for boys, sometimes in the emotional world is not as strong as it looks. It has been said that the lovelorn boy is very poor, that pain is not alcohol can anesthesia, not tears can be relieved. But some people can also relieve their inner pain by singing. Because it's a man, listening to some songs sung by men may be closer to their own mood. The following nostalgic classic network's lovelorn songs column has sorted out some songs suitable for lovelorn men to listen to, hoping to help the lovelorn boys out of the sad corner and regain new happiness.

1. End is not the result I want

Schoolmate's singing voice can express a kind of sadness. His singing tone of crying is really heartfelt. This song, for the lovelorn people show the kind of helpless and reluctant to give up, for the feelings of retention, for the girl's bitter pleading, listening to people heartbreaking.

2. How can you give up my sadness

There are many guitars playing in many places of this song. The bright injury caused by the impact of guitar strings makes people feel sad. How can you give up my sadness? The kind of heartbreak and heartbreak shown by the host to the departure of the hostess may only be interpreted by singing.

3. Zhang Jingxuan -- breakpoint

It's a song that I like very much. Maybe it's not like someone who just lost love. It's suitable for her to be aroused by touching her memory after a break-up. It sounds very touching at this time. The whole song put the beginning and end of two people together, and the end of a relationship is the breakpoint.

4. Eason Chan -- ten years

E God's song is also transparent sadness, which makes people miss the past, and it's hard to hide the feelings of the past. Ten years ago and after, we can't embrace the same person, so we need to know how to cherish.

5. Chen Xiaodong: happier than me

Many people break up friendly, hoping that the other side will be happier than themselves, that is a blessing, that is a sustenance, that is also a fantasy. Those who love each other must have a reason for falling in love, letting go because of love, leaving because of hate, conniving at each other's unhappiness, and who can blame.

6. Wang Jie -- a game, a dream

Wang Jie's feelings of prodigal son, life and feelings are always free of too much sadness and helplessness. Whether it's a game or a dream, life will continue. There will not be only one love in life.

7. Ren Xianqi -- tears of a man

Xiao Qi's songs are often heard. This song is composed by Xiao Qi himself. Even though there is no special sadness, it can also show a man's pity after falling in love. The man who will cry because he really loves him. Such tears are not used to prove his weakness, but a man's pay has no result.

8. Five hundred -- love song of loafer

The real man, after falling in love, should be like the words: "I will wipe away the tears I accidentally dropped, and pretend it doesn't matter! Break your and my love, and then drive it out of my broken heart & hellip; & hellip; '. But I think how many people can do it. If they can, it will take time and another relationship to save them.

9. Jay Chou -- excuse

This song, which has been in a single cycle for a long time, has a unique tone of voice of Dong Zhou and a vague sadness. It seems that it can smear all these words with emotional hurt.

10. Tao zhe -- lonely season

I always think that sadness should be light, even in the face of lovelorn, there is no radical heartbreak or pain, but a light sadness. Nothing is accidental, so is lovelorn. After listening to this song quietly, think about the girl who was with you, think about yourself now, maybe everyone will get used to it, just looking back on the past, that feeling will still make you unable to let go.