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How to keep away from the back of the tiger and how to exercise we often describe a person with a strong back and a thick hunchback. He has no temperament when he looks at it. The whole person also appears to have no spirit. So how to get rid of him? Let's learn together.

Stay away from the back of the tiger

1. Lie on the yoga mat, straighten your legs and hands, and lift your arms and legs upward with your waist and abdomen as the center point.

2. Sit on the mat, bend your knees, straighten your upper body back 90 degrees to your thighs, and swing your arms around your waist.

3. Lie on the yoga mat, straighten your legs and hands, and lift your arms and legs alternately as shown in the figure.

4. Stand straight with legs shoulder width apart, hold the dumbbell with both hands, straighten the waist and lean down until the dumbbell touches the ground.

5. Straighten your arms, kneel on the yoga mat, and straighten your waist. Straighten one arm and the other leg parallel to the ground, then move on the other side.

6. The legs are slightly wider than the shoulders. Hold the dumbbells with both hands. Lean forward parallel to the ground, and keep the waist straight. Do the chest expansion, open the arms parallel to the ground and put them back in front of you.

7. The goat stands up. You can do it without a yoga ball. Just have a fixed fulcrum on your foot.

8. The legs are slightly wider than the shoulders, the body is leaning forward, the arms are straight, the hands hold the ball (dumbbell can also be oh), swing left and right.

Methods and ways to lose weight

1. Raise hands' surrender 'to soften the spine

Stand on both feet, make a capitulation to the sky with both hands, slowly lean back and tighten the back, hold for 5 seconds, relax and repeat for 1 minute.

This action softens the spine and increases the elasticity of the back.

2. Stretch your back

Stand with your feet together, cross your hands and fingers over your head, palm up, straighten your spine, hold for 5 seconds, and repeat 10 times.

This movement can stretch the back fat and achieve the goal of thin back.

3. Shrug when washing

Use the washing time, stand with shoulders wide, stand on tiptoe, shrug up, hold for 3 seconds, relax shoulders and heels, repeat several times.

This action can improve the slip shoulder and make the lines of the shoulders more beautiful.

4. Hold your head with both hands while watching TV

When watching TV, you can wrap your hands around the back of your head, cross your fingers, stretch your elbows out as far as you can to stretch your shoulders, hold on for 10 minutes, relax, and repeat.

This action does not take up a special time, and can quickly dye the fat on the shoulder and back every day.

5. Learn to take things from babies

Imagine a baby sitting on the ground with something in front of him. Stretch his back muscles as much as possible with his hands stretched forward.

You can also do this by stretching your back muscles.

How to exercise and Reform

Yoga exercise

Waist is a very important part for women. Only strengthening the waist can make the waist line tighter, so when strengthening the waist exercise, we should pay attention to muscle exercise, so that the accumulated fat can be fully burned. Let's see what methods are available below.

It's not just celebrities like Madonna that can do it. Yoga is suitable for everyone at every level. How comfortable it is to bathe your whole body in yoga, especially for your abdomen, because when you do yoga, you are doing breathing exercises with your abdomen. What's more, yoga is very helpful for body shape training - having a good body shape and a flat abdomen at the same time!

Stooping and raising

If you find it difficult to do sit ups, turn to bending, which is equally effective and easier to do. Lie on your back on the floor with your hands on your sides. Use only your abdominal muscles to lift your hips off the floor, with your arms and shoulders against the floor. Hold in this position for a few seconds, then gently lower back to the ground. Repeat for 15-20 minutes.

Enough toes

If you're tired of doing sit ups, try this exercise. Lie on the floor with arms raised vertically pointing to the ceiling. Slowly lift yourself up so your hands are closer to your toes - if you can, reach them. Then return to the start position. But do it slowly so that you can fully stretch your muscles. Repeat 15 to 20 times.

Reduce weight

Continue to sit up and twist

Once you do sit ups for a while, you will find it much easier to do them. Don't give up or do more. Instead, do it in a different way. Keep your hands on your ears, slowly lift your body up, and then, bend your body - starting with your waist, not your back or shoulders - try reaching your knees with your elbows in the opposite direction, and so on, reaching your left knee with your right elbow. Release and return to your original position. Repeat for 10 to 15 times.