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Can red date, medlar and longan tea be drunk every day? What are the side effects of Chinese date, C

Now we pay more and more attention to health preservation. No matter at work or at school, we usually like to brew some tea such as red jujube, wolfberry and longan for health preservation. But can we drink them every day? Let's take a look

i. side effects of Chinese date, Chinese wolfberry and longan

1, red dates

During menstruation, some women often have swollen eyes or swollen feet. In fact, this is wet weight. This kind of people are not suitable for taking red dates, because red dates are sweet and easy to produce phlegm and dampness, resulting in water accumulation in the body, thus aggravating edema symptoms. At the same time, some women who take red dates for tonic and have a hot constitution are not suitable for taking them during menstrual period, because it is likely to cause excessive menstrual blood and harm their health.

In addition, due to the large sugar content of jujube, it is not suitable for diabetic patients to supplement, so as to avoid the increase of blood sugar, resulting in the deterioration of the condition. Because red dates can be trapped in moisture, people with heavy wetness and abdominal distention, such as those who often feel tired or have thick moss, should eat less, or they will aggravate the symptoms of heavy wetness. Children should not eat more dates if they have cavities.

2. Lycium barbarum L.

In summer, people with Yin deficiency constitution should pay attention to the amount of Lycium barbarum, because Lycium barbarum is sweet, mild, and excessive amount can cause fire, especially when eating raw, the amount should be reduced.

Lycium barbarum is suitable for people with weak constitution and poor resistance. But in the process of taking it, we must stick to it for a long time, eat a little every day, and it will be effective. Lycium barbarum contains betaine, amino acid, carotene, vitamin B1, B2, C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients. It is good for human health, but we should pay attention to the dosage. Excessive consumption of Lycium barbarum will make people angry, nosebleed, and even cause eye redness and discomfort.

3, longan

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that longan is a kind of food with sweet taste and warm nature, which can enter the heart and spleen channels. It has a series of good effects, such as tonifying the heart and spleen, nourishing blood and calming the mind, helping the body to diuresis and detumescence, etc. It has a very good effect on people with weak body, deficiency of Qi and blood, deficiency of Qi and blood and neurasthenia.

Longan meat has no side effects. But eating too much longan meat will lead to the attack of longan disease. The main symptoms are diarrhea, nosebleed, oral ulcer, inflammation of oral mucosa, constipation and so on. Although longan is a nutritious and appetizing fruit, it is easy to get angry at the same time.

2、 Can we drink Guiyuan red date and wolfberry tea every day

Female friends who often drink longan red date and wolfberry tea have fair skin and good cosmetic effect. But from the above we can see that the collocation of longan red jujube and wolfberry is likely to catch fire. So, can longan jujube wolfberry tea be drunk everyday, can there be side effects?

Jujube has a flat nature and is known as "natural vitamin pill". Regular consumption of jujube can treat weakness, neurasthenia, disharmony between the spleen and stomach, dyspepsia, fatigue cough, anemia and emaciation, especially the function of nourishing the liver and preventing cancer. However, longan and wolfberry are both hot and humid foods. Lycium barbarum is not suitable for people with strong sexual desire. Eating more of longan will lead to swelling and bleeding of gums and epistaxis. Serious people will suffer from the so-called "litchi disease". Longan is invigorating qi and nourishing blood. If you eat too much, of course, you will get angry. It shows nosebleed.

If you want to drink every day and don't want to get angry, you can drink every day as long as you control the dosage and reduce the chance of getting angry. Ma net encyclopedia suggests that you should not put too many Chinese dates and Chinese wolfberry tea in Guiyuan every day. Just a few Chinese dates and Chinese wolfberry can be served. You can make yourself a cup every morning after you go to work. It can not only replenish your blood, but also make your eyes bright. It is especially suitable for the people who have been in front of the computer for a long time. Still can treat constipation, but the person that defecate is thin does not want to add medlar.